Died in Moscow firefighters prevented the leakage of ammonia and the explosion

MOSCOW, 27 Sep — RIA Novosti. The ammonia leak and explosion of gas cylinders in warehouse in the East of Moscow, killing eight firefighters could only prevent the fire from the roof, the head of the all-Russia voluntary fire society the General-the major in resignation Vladimir Kudryavtsev, former Deputy head of the North-West regional center of EMERCOM of Russia, to extinguish in his life hundreds of fires.

“The coating had to go. It is impossible to extinguish and prevent serious consequences. It was the duty of the fire,” he said at the farewell ceremony for dead firefighters.

According to Kudryavtseva, the building was a powerful redevelopment. “It is the former vegetable warehouse. Here was stored everything you can, including bottles, plastic, transformer substation, cold storage, ammonia”, — said Kudryavtsev.

In such fires, all calculations are distributed to the combat areas, including on the roof. “Among the dead firefighters was the most experienced officers, the commanders who deliberately went on the roof, as there was no other way to extinguish the fire, and the roof is not burned,” — said Kudryavtsev. However, he explained that even experienced people find it difficult to calculate that at some point may be subject of alterations of the building. “Therefore, the profession of fire-heroic, as the risk is always there,” — said the source.

In turn, the former Deputy chief of the Main Department of EMERCOM in Moscow, the legendary firefighter Viktor Klimkin said that the whole ceiling in the warehouse was a low fire resistance, since it is not supposed to store chemical or flammable products. “On the tactics of firefighting it was necessary to open the roof to bring down the temperature reached several thousand degrees. It is impossible to enter, or should I wait until everything will burn, and ammonia along with tanks and other chemical substances will explode,” — said Klimkin.

He and Kudryavtsev has expressed the opinion that the cause of such fires becomes “commercial chaos”. “The owners do not care about the safety, they are important to rely on benefits,” — said Kudryavtsev.