Dec to get new partner I’m a Celebrity


Dec Donnelly will have a co-presenter in the next series of I’m A Celebrity, as Ant McPartlin takes the rest of the year.

Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, ITV’s director of television Kevin Lygo said that they had decided to Dec co-host, but was not going to reveal who it was.

Ant quit his job in TELEVISION, in March, after his arrest for suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

It had been thought Dec present the jungle reality show solo.

Before, in August, Ant said he was going to take the rest of the year, and on the Night of Saturday to Carry it was not going to return next year.

Dec presented the final performances of the Night of Saturday to Carry alone, as well as the britain’s Got Talent live final, and it was thought that he was going to submit I’m a Celebrity, which starts in November, single.

But Lygo said it will have a co-presenter. But when he asked who it would be, he joked: “it’s going to be Piers Morgan. No, I don’t know, it could be Jeremy Corbyn. I can’t say.”‘Ant is doing really well”

Ant spent a season in a rehabilitation center last summer for painkiller and alcohol addiction and said that he was going to have more treatment when he announced he was standing down from his TV job.

Lygo, who was speaking at the meeting of the MOT on the Drivers panel, gave the audience an update on Ant.

“The good news is that he (Ant) doing really well, he is doing everything that you must do to get better,” he said.

“We collectively thought, we’re going to give you a good amount of free time, this is a slow procedure, that is what we have decided to do.”