Dave and Gold to return to Virgin Media

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Tv channels like Dave and Gold are returning to the screens of Virgin Media customers after the fee dispute with UKTV was resolved.

Virgin Media said that the free-to-air channels had already been restored, with pay-per-view following as soon as possible.

The virgin had refused to pay what is called the “inflated” fees and complained that they were not allowed to show all the channels of demand.

More than five times the amount of on-demand content will now be available, he said.

Close to four million subscribers of the cable company lost access to the 10 UKTV channels in July, after talks broke down, disappointing fans of the series as a Foreman and Red Dwarf as well as classic comedies such as Only Fools and Horses and Miranda.

UKTV, which is in part the property of the BBC, had said that he could not accept the “drastic” price cuts proposed by Virgin Media.’Frustrante’time

Cable customers lost five of free-to-air channels – Dave, Drama, Really and Yesterday-as well as the payment of the services of the Gold, Alibi, Eden, Good Food and W.

A Virgin Media spokesman said that the payment channels, which took more time to restore for “technical reasons”, was to appear in the next few days.

The new agreement increases the number of catch-up hours available, with customers in the first level of the House Full plan of access to the “significantly higher” boxsets, the company said.

It also adds access to the HD versions of Dave and Gold to the clients in the cheapest of the Virgin of the Mixture of the plans.

David Bouchier, head of digital entertainment officer at Virgin Media, said: “we’re sorry for what we know has been a frustrating time for our customers, but are happy that our TV packages are now even bigger.”

Customers in the social media welcomed the return of their favourite shows and channels, but some said they had already switched TV provider during the closure.

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Simon Michaelides, commercial director at UKTV, said: “we know this has created a real disruption for some of our viewers and we are so sorry for this, but we’re glad to be back, of the broadcast of our channels and shows to customers of Virgin Media, once more.”

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