In Constantinople Patriarchate of the promise to prevent the strengthening of the Church schism in Ukraine

*** Metropolitan Emmanuel of France: Constantinople “does not intend to postpone the solution of the Ukrainian problem to calendar”

Athens. September 11. INTERFAX – the Constantinople Patriarchate has promised never to allow a deepening of the Church schism in Ukraine.

“You can’t compare the current situation with the schism of 1054. (…) Today, thank God, we live in the era of communication and information, and any problems can be discussed thoroughly, with love and faith in God. All problems can be solved and we will never reach such a radical separation and exclusion,” said the Greek newspaper “Ethnos” Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, Locum Tenens of the Western European Exarchate of the Constantinople Church.

“The Mother Church showed concern about the healing of the wound (…) and the resolution of splits, and she does not want to create others,” he added.

Answering the question, what will the Patriarchate of Constantinople if the Russian Orthodox Church will break up with him because of the granting of autocephaly to Ukraine, the Metropolitan said that “as a man and an Orthodox Christian” prefers “to remain optimistic, convinced that everything going on in the Church by the grace of the Holy spirit.”

“The Patriarchate of Constantinople wants to solve the difficult Ukrainian problem and cure, finally, the protracted split. For this reason, it comes gradually and with prudence,” said Metropolitan Emmanuel.

He did not specify when exactly this process should be completed.

“Already begun, – said the Metropolitan. – With regard to the progress and development of the situation in Ukraine, we look in the process. But the Patriarchate of Constantinople does not intend to postpone the solution of the Ukrainian problem to the calendar, and, as stated by the Patriarch of Constantinople the Synaxis of the Church, it is a priority,” said the Hierarch.