Big Brother seeks planning permission

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Local councils decide on the future of the Big Brother house during a meeting on Thursday.

The production company, Endemol Shine UK has applied to Hertsmere Borough Council to the house in Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, for the next three years.

The house is the starting current approval on 30 September, just 16 days after the new Big Brother-begins series.

The planning Committee has recommended that the application is approved.

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Endemol has asked you to continue staging 32 clearance exhibitions in the year, as well as occasional events.

A report by the Council’s planning committee, said a “key aspect” is, are the effects of the house-and live-events on local residents.

As part of the planning process, 180 residents were informed that the application responded but only two people. A resident was against the proposal, and the others made a General comment about the plans.

The report States that the Big-Brother-house help on the Website “would support the vitality and viability of Borehamwood in the old town, it is more on a level of employment and brings visitors to Borehamwood, if the eviction shows are broadcast”.

To limit a number of conditions, the noise expected at the meeting, the retention of acoustic shielding are discussed, including the boundaries of the live eviction shows and deadlines to the music.