Audi E-tron is launched as brand’s first electric-only model

The Audi E-tron is the third electric premium SUV to be revealed this year, taking the Jaguar I-Rhythm and Mercedes EQC, and the supply of the rule of the zero-emissions sales charts of the ramps.

Audi first independent power reaches 249 km of autonomy in the WLTP test cycle – identical to the EQC but behind the I-Pace, which manages to be 292 kilometres. However, in the powertrain director Siegfried Paints said that the E-tron’s approval was in the course and the range to be closer to 280 kilometers.

A cheaper version with a smaller battery and, therefore, less range will continue in the next 12 months, Paints a added.

The E-tron is the first production car in the world “virtual” of the side mirrors, which eliminate the traditional door mirrors and instead of using cameras with images that appear on the screens of the panels of the door.


Sitting in between the Q5 and Q7 in size, the E-tron features a handful of design elements that are intended to make it stand out from other Audi models.

It keeps the single-frame grille, but uses a lighter color for the grille slats. “We don’t want to lose the frame only; has helped to make us the premium brand that we are today,” said exterior designer Stephan Fahr-Becker. “We have selected a lighter color. If a car is approaching from 50 or 100 meters, the unique framework that is recognizable as an Audi, but different from, say, a Q8.”

The E-tron also gets a badge with the name on the front of the vehicle, in a vein similar to what Audi does with its RS models. “We have been brave enough to put the name on the front of the car; we want to say that the E-tron is the first of its kind,” said Fahr-Becker.