Brennan is ready to submit to the court in response to the denial of access to classified information

Former CIA Director John Brennan said that it was exploring the possibility of adopting legal measures that President Donald trump could not deprive other former and current officials access to classified documents.

Speaking on Sunday in the program “Meet the press” on NBC, Brennan said that several lawyers have contacted him about any complaints.

Recently the President of trump has withdrawn a permit Brennan to secret information and threatened to do the same in respect of others, including critics of the President and individuals related to the investigation of Russia’s actions.

According to Brennan, he will do everything in his power “to try to prevent such abuses in the future.”

“If it means a lawsuit, then I will go for it”, – he said.

More than 75 former intelligence officers condemned the decision by trump to revoke the admission of Brennan, saying that they have a right to Express their views without fear of punishment.