“Each hryvnia, which goes to the side of the terrorists, returns to us with a bullet,” the fighter ATO about preventing authorities blockade “trading in blood”

The social network Facebook there was an interview with a military call sign “Canada,” shocked by the position of the APU in relation to the blockade of the veterans of the ATO trade relations with the occupiers. The military and his companions decree over specially recalled from approved leaves of absence, during which they went through the blockade.

Soldiers of the 16th battalion of the 58th brigade of the APU, which
supported a boycott of trade “LDNR” urgently summoned from
break away to the place of deployment, reports “Диалог.UA”. Fleeting decree
came after the military “lit up” live from
the headquarters of the blockade, says the soldier of the 16th infantry battalion of the 58th
brigade Nikolai Voronov.

“We could no longer observe
Donetsk “law enforcement blizzards”
our guys. Therefore, in his personal vacation time and moved, but not home
the aid of the guys who blocked
railway crossing in Bahmut,” – says the fighter.

At 5 in the morning was sent to the bus for 20 fighters, and battalion commander
was removed from office. “This is government repression against those who interfere
earn billions on the war, – wrote the people’s Deputy, one of
organizers of the blockade Taras Pastukh. – The treatment of this soldier needs
to see every MP, who
still undecided whether to pass a Law on temporarily occupied
territories. It will stop trade with ORDO”.

Military Callsign “Canada” stated that the soldiers
The ATO will never leave his sister and always will support them. “Especially
it should remember the power,” – said Voronov.