About Domodedovo will build a multifunctional center with hotels

The management company “the Cathedral” to be built in the vicinity of the airport “Domodedovo” multifunctional complex (IFC) with shopping venues, restaurants, hotels and Parking. About this “Kommersant” said managing partner UK “the Cathedral” Stanislav Lukyanchuk.

IFC “Vojvodina” will be located 4.5 km from the airport. By 2020 year, the developer plans to build on the area of 19.4 ha for two queue objects, which will become a surface Parking lot with a mechanic for 580 cars, gas stations, car washes, restaurants and two hotels with 280 rooms with a total area of 14 thousand square meters.

As noted Lukyanchuk, “Cathedral” signed with Domodedovo airport long-term lease of land. In a press-service of the airport “Kommersant” confirmed the cooperation with the company. In particular, we are talking about the construction of a fast food restaurant, and also about joint development of the concept of development of land around Vojvodina. Publicly the concept will be presented at the end of the year.

The interlocutor of the edition estimates the total investment in the project in the amount of RUR 2.8 billion, About 300 million rubles for the first stage will allocate a closed mutual investment Fund “Investment and construction”, the funds for the other objects will allocate the Fund “IFC “Vojvodina”, which will be formed in 2017 to implement the project.

According to preliminary estimates of the payback period of the objects IFC will be from seven to nine years. Construction of the first objects will start in November this year.