A U.S. Senate Committee approved the Protocol of accession of Montenegro to NATO

The country’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance sharply opposes RussiaWASHINGTON

The U.S. Senate Committee on foreign relations on Tuesday unanimously approved the Protocol on accession of Montenegro to NATO.

The resolution to the Protocol States that Montenegro’s accession to the Alliance will contribute to strengthening stability and cooperation in the region and enhance the leading role of the United States in guaranteeing European security.

Now to vote on this issue should, in General, the United States Senate. After that, the document will be submitted for signature to the President. Thus, the United States will become the 15th NATO member to ratify the accession of the new, 29-year-old ally in the Alliance. It is worth noting that the accession of Montenegro to NATO has sharply opposed to Russia, saying that the Alliance continues its cavalier expansion to the East.

The authorities of Montenegro and a large part of the population see membership of the protection of Russian interference in the internal Affairs of the state. I will remind, in October, Montenegro has accused Moscow coup attempt, when the day of parliamentary elections the country’s intelligence agencies have detained several armed groups operating, as stated in Podgorica, on the instruction of the Kremlin.

Soon after, as the newspaper Guardian, the head of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev urgently arrived to Belgrade and apologized for the actions of these groups, stating that the conspirators acted without the sanction of Moscow.