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Who Is Van Jones, What is The Author & Lawyer Known For?

Van Jones was rewarded by Jeff Bezos for selflessly serving his community. But after he made it to the headline, everyone is asking who is Van Jones? Van is a political commentator, best-selling author, and lawyer. However, most importantly, he has been serving his community selflessly for more than 15 years now. At the same time, other political speakers were investing in real estate and ventures. Van chooses to integrate several NGOs. He not only administers and operates the working on an NGO, but his NGOs also help lift the country’s economy. On weekends he conducts workshops for children who belong to economically weaker sections. He said in one of his interviews that he does not believe in providing education to children. Rather, he wants them to be skilled.

He said education is important. But for a child who has to earn his own bacon, skills are necessary. So in his workshops, he teaches the children how to develop their skills and put them to use. Van works are one of the most practical political speakers the world has ever witnessed. Van said that he learned many things outside the law school, and those lessons he learned on the street make him a better lawyer. So he emphasizes more on practical learning rather than academic scoring.

Who Is Van Jones?

Van has published seven books till now, and two of them have been the New York Times Bestseller. He was also worked as an advisor under President Barack Obama and even under the Trump administration.

Who Is Van Jones?

Van Jones is an all-in-one package. He is a lawyer, a political speaker, and an author. He is also known as the Van Jones, who received 100 Million Dollars from the C0-founder of Amazon. After Jeff Bezos returned from his 11 minute trip from space. He decided to launch a Courage and Civility Award. And under the same category, he decided to honor Van Jones for his good work. Jeff said in his speech that people who are working to make this world a better place do not expect validation, but they would defiantly love some application.

It was a very thoughtful gesture, and Van felt really honored. Van said that he feels really honored and could put this money to real use. He said that due to COVID19. The economy is lagging, but with this amount, he can launch new programs which can help the economy to be stable again. He is very thankful to Jeff for choosing him for this honor.

What Does Van Jones Do?

Van Jones has worked in different professions. He has worked as a lawyer in a private firm. He also worked as a TV host and a political speaker. Van’s most successful book, The Green Color Economy, earned him a seat the Obama’s advisory council. The book explored a lot of unseen concepts of an economy. Obama selected him for his advisory council because Van always thought out of the box, and he ended someone with a different point of view. Van’s work even impressed Trump, and he was a member of the congress in Trump’s administration.

He played a very significant role in the reform of the First Step Act. Currently, he is CEO of REFORM ALLIANCE. It is an initiative taken up by Meek Mill and Jay-Z to made criminal justice efficient. He has also hosted and Co-hosted many shows, including The Van Jones Show, The Messy Truth, and many more.

Van Jones Non-Government Organisation

Van has founded many NOGs, but the most effective of all is Dream Corps. It provides a platform and opportunity for young budding minds to showcase their skills. Dream Corps has provided loans and have encouraged people to start their own business. And with Dram Corps help, there are more than 20 businesses that are flourishing.

It does not only help the younger generation to showcase their talent, but it also helps the economy to grow. This is the perfect example of how growth and development can go hand in hand. Van Jones is doing an excellent job. This earth needs more people like him.

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