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Who is Metul’s Ex-Girlfriend? All About Naomie Olindo

Metul Shah is an Anesthesiologist by profession and lives in NYC. So why is he in an article on an  Entertainment website? Well, the reason is Metul’s ex Naomie Olindo. Dating indeed is the most talked about topic nowadays, Isn’t it? The Doc came into the limelight after he came into a relationship with The Southern Charms alum Naomie Olindo. They both are, however, no longer together and recently parted ways. There isn’t much information available on the internet about Methul and his background. As he was just any ordinary Doctor before he started dating Naomie. The Doc became a public figure in the entertainment world after he appeared with Naomie on the show in which she used to work.

This doesn’t mean that Metul Shah isn’t good at his profession. Metul Shah is a celebrated name in the medical field. Metul and Naomie looked just perfect for each other during the time they appeared together on The Southern Charm. Both were ready to adjust for their relationship to work and seemed to appreciate each other’s presence in their lives. Their Instagram handle says nothing different, and fans also shipped them. So what went wrong in this flawless love story? If you are a hurt shipper of the duo and want to know more about the two, then this is the spot. In the subsequent sections, we will be evaluating the possible reasons behind the breakup and try to find more about their “Perfect Relationship”.

Metuls ex

Metul Shah’s ex Naomie Olindo

Naomie Olindo Metul’s ex

Naomie Olindo is class all the way. She appeared on the reality tv series The Southern Charm featured in a recurring capacity in seasons 3- 5 and as was added to the main cast in season 6. Naomie 2020 quit the show, and the news broke a lot of hearts. Her relationship was even considered one of the reasons for Naomie quitting the show. Naomie gained popularity in season 6 but made her presence noteworthy in the previous seasons as well. Many times in interviews, Naomie opened about her relationship with Metul and stated that she was very, very happy. To be more precise, Naomie never missed any chance to praise Metul for being the wonderful man that he was. They were together for three long years before they split up.

Metul’s ex Naomie and His Relationship

Metul’s Instagram Handle is loaded with pictures of him and Naomie looking adorable together. And if you now take a look at the Instagram handles of both public figures, you will find that in number, they are more than Naomie’s Instagram handle. Well, that is because after parting ways with Shah, Naomie has removed most of the pics alongside him. Metul, on June 8, posted the stills from his vacation chilling in Antigua and Barbuda with Naomie and other friends. Looking so happy in the pictures, who knew the couple wouldn’t make it till the end. The couple started dating back in 2018 after Naomie broke up with her ex-boyfriend.

Naomie is a loved public figure, and her fans adored the couple. She appeared in the American reality Television series The Southern Charm. Naomie decided to move with Metul to NY as he received a fellowship with Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. This decision took Naomie away from her home town Charleston. But for the sake and well-being of their relationship, she moved to New York with Metul. That was a highly supportive move from Naomie and gave a message that supporting each other is most important for a relationship to work.  Metul in May took to Instagram to announce that the couple is bidding farewell to Naomie’s hometown Charleston. The caption of one of the pictures Shah posted read “Charleston farewell Tour Begins”. It took not more than three weeks after moving for the two to split up.

Metuls ex

Metul Shah with his ex Naomie Olindo

Metul and Naomie: What went wrong?

The two haven’t yet spoken about the actual reasons that led to their estrangement. However, some posts were doing round lately on Instagram in which Metul was flirting with his ex (before Naomie) in the comment section. And few days after that, Naomie announced the separation. It is said that Metul was cheating on Naomie with his ex for over a year. Olindo hasn’t confirmed this, but her statements do include “betrayal”. Naomie, in her Instagram stories, has been labeling her after the breakup life as shambles. Fans have shown immense support to her after this .“Not y’all almost crashing the @shoplabeye site because my life is in shambles,” read one of her story captions. She also thanked her fans for supporting and urged them not to spread hate towards Metul. The Southern charm star is now back in her hometown Charleston and seems to have handled the loss well.

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