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Who Is Lachy Wiggle Dating? A Look Into Wiggle’s Star’s Life

Lachlan Gillespie is popularly known for his stage Purple Wiggle Lachy is a member of the kids’ entertainment band The Wiggles. The band is immensely popular among the kids in Australia. His character Lachy is the lead vocalist of the band since 2017 and plays the keyboard. But he also plays tambourine, guitar, drums, and accordion occasionally. He’s a very popular artist who has been performing from the age of four. He has also performed in musicals in Melbourne and New York.

In 2009, Lachy toured with the Wiggles and performed  “Dorothy the Dinosaur Traveling Show” as Captain Feathersword. During the group’s regular tour, he’d play the Wiggly Dancer and Wags the Dog. In May 2012, Lachy replaced Jeff and became one of the lead members of the band. He also started a band for adult fans called the Unusual Commoners, along with The Wiggle’s band members. They used to play the traditional songs of the country.

lachy wiggle

Lachy Wiggle And Current Fiancé Dana Stephenson.   Lachy Wiggle With Former Partner Emma Watkins (upper right)

Who Is Lachy Wiggle Dating Now?

Lachy Wiggle is dating Dana Stephenson. The couple met at the shooting set of the show The Wiggles in December of 2019. Dana is a professional ballet dancer from Australia. She was working on The Wiggles show. She was a guest ballet dancer for The Wiggles Big Ballet Day DVD special. Deeply in love, Dana proposed to Lachy in April 2021. The couple has three kids in the family; Jasper is Dana’s son from her previous relationship with the photographer’s ex-husband, Michael Kai. While the twin girls were born in September 2020.

Recently Lachy Gillespie shared a picture of his three adorable kids on his social media account. He was lying down on the bed with his twin daughters, Lottie and Lulu, around him. His step-son Jasper was reading along with him. The couple was going to sign the prenup agreements, but the process was put on hold by the welcoming of the twins.

On being asked about Lachy, Dana told the interviewer that Lachy is such a special person for her, but he has a special connection with her son Jasper. Her son Jasper doesn’t tell the other kids about his stepfather being a part of The Wiggle. He is just Lachy to him, and they have fun together. She also gushed about how Lachy is so great with kids, and they make up the best games.

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Lachy Wiggle’s Previous Relationship

Before getting together with Dana, Lachy Wiggle was dating his lead co-star and partner, Emma Watkins. The couple was married for two years. Emma was the Yellow Wiggle in the show. The couple announced their split through their social media accounts in 2018. Emma, through her Instagram, revealed that the couple has been navigating through a trial of separation. And that they have made the decision to separate as a couple. The pair remained on good terms as they are still working together. On being asked about her former husband and current costar, Emma said that she and Lachy and I get each other. Just because they are not romantically together anymore doesn’t mean that they are not together for the rest of their lives.

This year, Emma also got engaged to the musician Oliver Brian who was previously featured on The Wiggles show.

lachy wiggles and team

The Wiggles

The Future Of The Wiggles

The managing director of The Wiggles, Paul Field, resigned after 24 years with the group. The group of Wiggles is also going through a period of organizational change. They are also exploring new opportunities. The current Wiggle teams have Blue Wiggle Anthony, Purple Wiggle Lachlan ‘Lachy’ Gillespie, Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins, and Red Wiggle Simon Pryce. Paul going away marks the end of a really important chapter in the band’s development.

The pandemic struck down The Wiggles too. The team had to lay off staff members and cancel their tours. A lot of our dancers, the lady that goes around and sells the merchandise, truck drivers, the sound crew lost their job due to the cancellation of the tour. It has also been reported that the band members have different personal and professional plans. Especially Emma and Lachy, who was married previously.

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