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Spoilers & Recap: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216

The story of a boy who joined the Tokyo Manji Gang, aka Toman, continues. Takemichi is a young man at the age of twenty-six and recently discovered that his lover got killed by another gang. The young man traveled to the past to rewrite history and save his girlfriend, Hinata. Let’s take a look at Tokyo Revengers and the latest updates of the Tokyo Manji Gang. The chapter begins at the Motor Cycle Shop, where Takemichi discovered that Draken is a member of BRAHMAN. One of the gang members joined Takemichi and told him that things got messed up. Takemichi asks about Draken, and the guy replies that Draken is with BRAHMAN members outside.

The guy reveals that the gang is talking about Takemichi, who decided to take a look. The chapter title is ”After a Storm Comes Calm.” Takemichi decided to head out and comments that he is worried about Draken. That guy remarks that BRAHMAN is not an ordinary plain Morcyclist Gang, but it is more like a Yakuza Gang runed by adults with a bad reputation. Takemichi replies that he will be careful and heads outside. Outside the building, Takemichi witness, Draken pinning Akashi with the wall of the building.

Draken claims that Akashi is not listening, and if he puts Michi in this mess, he will make him pay. Draken also reminds Akashi not to involve the former Tokyo Manji Gang members involved with their brawls. Takemichi heard everything and calls out Draken’s name, asking him what is happening. Draken let go of Akashi, who coughs and looks at Takemichi. Takemichi asks Draken what he talked about with Akashi and wonders if Draken intends to bring Mikey back. Suddenly a mysterious guy arrived carrying an umbrella and dressed like a leader of a gang.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Highlights

Takemichi asks that guy if he is BRAHAM’S top man. BRAHMAN plans to defeat the gang that Mikey is leading, which is Kantou Manji Gang. Akashi talked with Takemichi and said he loves the Tokyo Manji Gang’s ambition, but it is about becoming Japan’s Number 1 Gang rather than changing the era of delinquents. But Kantou Manji Gang has different ”ambitions” from Tokyo Manji Gang. Akashi claims that Kantoun Manji Gang doesn’t have ”ambitions.”

Akashi also said that Mikey would be the ”Bad Guy” and BRAHAM overcame ”Bad Guys.” BRAHAM’s goal is to take down Mikey along with his gang. The guy carrying an umbrella comments that two ”Big Gangs” kept their eyes on Takemichi as he boldly screams. Takemichi realizes that he must defeat Sano Manjirou. BRAHAM’s top man told Takemichi to join BRAHAM Gang, and they are welcoming him. Draken interferes and shouts that there is no way Mikey is joining them, and if Takemichi is getting involved, he is the enemy of BRAHMAN.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

BRAHMAN Ne Member: Takemichi

BRAHMAN asks Draken if he wants to fight here. Takemichi realizes this will turn evil and try to reason with Draken and realizes that he has to decide and change things. Draken steps forward, trying to confront the BRAMAN top man. Draken got surprised when Takemichi said he would join BRAHAM Gang. Akashi told Draken that BRAHMAN wants to stop Kantou Manji Gang, but they don’t want to fight Mikey.

Akashi reveals that Takemichi and Draken are the keys to their mission since Mikey trusts them, and facing Mikey without getting involved in a fight will be best for both sides. The umbrella guy looked at the sky and said it stopped raining as if it was raining. The guy told Draken to understand their part, and Draken is relieved that they want to settle the matter without picking up a fight. They both agree that Takemichi is joining the gang. Draken comments that ”Takemichy” for them and told Takemichi about their purpose.

Takemichi vows that he will bring Mikey back, and the umbrella guy has over his umbrella to Takemichi and said Takemichi is his gofer. They decide that they will meet at Harajuku at 3 pm. Akashi said Senju is interested in Takemichi. The next day they arrive at the location, and Senju apologizes for getting late. Takemichi is surprised to see that the guy is dressed like a girl and wonders if he is a boy. They both decided to go. To be continued and the truth about the guy who Takemichi finds is a girl will get revealed.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 release date is 28 July 2021. We have no official ways to read the Tokyo Revengers Manga chapter; you can look at One Piece 1020 Spoilers Are Out: Yamato’s Devil Fruit, Luffy & Momo’s Return! and Preview & Recap: Tokyo Revengers Episode 16.

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