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Red Shoes Episode 14: Preview And Spoilers

Red Shoes Episode 14 is right around the corner. The drama is like none other dramas that have been released before. Red Shoes is based on family problems as well as love problems the characters go through. The plot consists of the revenge of a young woman named Kim Jem-ma. She has been biding her time to take revenge on her heartless and cruel mother. Her Kim Jem-ma’s mother had left her, her brother, and her father to find love, success, and power. And after her mother had left her family, Kim Jem-ma’s father had tragically died in a hit and run case. With all of this, there is no wonder why she plots revenge on her mother.

Besides the enthralling plot, the drama has an amazing cast too. Its cast consists of actors and actresses like Choi Myun Gil, So Yi Hun, Park Yeon Jae, Jung Yoo Min, and Shin Jung Yoon. All of these factors had played an important role in bringing in a considerably good amount of audience. Even the title o the drama has a meaning behind it. The writer Hwang Soon Young has talked about how red shoes embody revenge. Also, to find out about the release date of Red Shoes Episode 14, keep reading. And if you want, we can tell you what to expect from the next episode.

Red Shoes Episode 14 Release Date & How To Watch Online

Till now, the drama has given us thirteen fun episodes. The episodes were full of suspense and romance too. The drama is very satisfying to watch as it releases new episodes five days non-stop. That is, it releases its episodes every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Also, the episodes are not very time-consuming as each episode lasts about half an hour. But fans are left to think about what will happen next during Saturdays and Sundays as new episodes are not released on those days. However, we can’t deny that these viewers are lucky.

Red Shoes Episode 14

Min-Hee Kyung cr: Viki

The drama will be airing 100 episodes. And fans can’t stop thinking about what the 100 episodes have in store for them. And they are ready to see Gemma take revenge on her cruel and heartless mother. Furthermore, the drama had started to release its episodes on the 5th of July and has planned to air all of its episodes by the 19th of November in this year. Also, the release date of Red Shes Episode 14 is the 22nd of July. International views can watch it on Rakuten Viki with a subscription. Go and enjoy the drama!

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episode?

It seems Gemma has started to take steps to take revenge on Min-Hee Kyung. She has wisely bottled up her anger to bring down someone who had ruined hers and her brother’s life. In the 13th episode, her anger risen even more when Min-Hee Kyung was unable to recognize her own daughter that is Jin Ah( the real name of Gemma). It had angered Gemma because she thought that if her mother had any remorse, then she would at least remember her. But she didn’t act foolishly as she knew she has to hide her identity to bring her mother down one by one. Will Gemma be able to take revenge on her stone-hearted and emotionless mother? If yes, then fans are excited to see how she will take her revenge on her mother?

Red Shoes Episode 14

Gemma cr: Viki

Another point that has got the viewers excited is the love triangle in the drama. We can see the rising tension between Kim Jemma and the brothers Yoon Gi Seok and Yoon Hyeon Seok.  It is once to see that Yoon Gi Seok finally forgot about his former wife. Also, fans of the series are curious about who Gemma would choose. And whether the relationship between the brothers will be ruined or not. But many think Gemma would not have any time for that as she is busy planning revenge on her mother. Or maybe she would not choose any of the brothers for the sake of not running their brotherhood.

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