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Polygoon Announces the GOON Token Presale

  • Polygoon offers easy access to DeFi by and interoperability between existing projects.
  • Its native token is GOON with low gas fees and fast transactions.
  • As next, the farming Dapp will be launched on July 25th.

Polygoon platform, a new player in the Defi market,  announced the presale of its secure token protocol, accessible to anyone through the DXSALE platform from July 21rd at 6 pm UTC to July 22th 10 pm UTC. The initial GOON/Matic pair will be listed immediately on Quickswap.

Polygoon is a decentralized exchange/yield farming Dapp and synthetic asset support on MATIC Layer 2, offering easy access to Defi by facilitating interoperability between already existing projects and providing many key tools. Their objective is to actively support the MATIC ecosystem and already existing projects, providing the necessary tools for further community development. By building a cooperative system facilitating the prosperity of the ecosystem, the Polygoon mission is to integrate the new wave of MATIC users.

The team has designed the GOON to be the utility token. Since the yield farm is part of the investment module of the Polygoon network protocols, users can earn GOON tokens in a controlled model that prevents inflation. It works by giving up custody of the tokens to Polygoon for a specified period, and users can still withdraw their tokens should they decide to stop providing liquidity.

GOON’s low gas fees and transactions up to 100 times faster than Ethereum provides much-needed relief to the crypto community. Moreover, users can swap stablecoins without slippage, and combined with a 0.3% fee per transaction, it’s an excellent proposition.

Unlike the P2P networks, where interactions between the users go directly between their wallets, Polygoon’s AMM is instead a peer-to-contract network. Its algorithm gives a slight advantage as the platform avoids complexities and improves stability and consistency. The project’s yield farm DApp is part of the investment module of the Polygoon network protocols. Thus, users can earn GOON tokens in a controlled model that prevents inflation, offering easy access to Defi by facilitating interoperability between existing projects.

The launch of the Goon token is the next step in developing the ecosystem towards pioneering privacy solutions for Defi as it will become the backbone for the new Matic-based ecosystem.

The GOON token will be the utility token of the Polygoon platform. Robust smart contracts are completely reworked for more efficiency and security. The GOON tokenomics has been designed for long-term development.

PolyGoon platform has a number of features that allows it to stand out of the crowd:

  • Robust smart contracts which are completely reworked for more efficiency and security
  • Tokenomics designed for the long term
  • Synthetics asset support
  • Harvest lockup period
  • Burning mechanisms
  • Buyback strategies
  • Vesting contract security measures

As next, the farming Dapp will be launched on July 25th.

Sale allocation details:

  • 136,000 GOON tokens will be sold during presale at a value of $1.5 per token
  • 40,000 tokens have been sold during the private sale at a value of 1$ per token
  • 33,000 GOONs will serve as liquidity with the listing price of $1.5 per token;
  • 130,000 GOON tokens will be preserved for marketing needs;
  • 20,000 tokens will be distributed through Airdrop campaigns to grow the community’s awareness.

Anyone participating in the presale will receive GOONs directly in their wallets, which will not be transferable until GOON has officially launched on the MATIC chain. After the presale is over and GOON is live, the pause functionality will be removed from the contract to allow for transactions, thus guaranteeing a smooth and fair launch.

Next steps in the roadmap

Once the sale is completed, the team plans to unveil a schedule of product updates, announcements of partnerships with content creators, and new announcements. Further development will focus on Farming DApp Launch, AMM Launch, Lottery System, Integration of the synthetic asset (the use of already existing projects to offer the possibility to Polygoon users to buy stablecoin without slippage), and new partnerships. Next, they plan to complete several audits for both DEX and AMM to help avoid differences in price and further reassure investors about transparency, with the first coming right the following week by Tech rate. The team also plans to list their token on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Dappradar, and other platforms.

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