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Belle Gibson Net Worth: A Closer View of her Medical Hoax

Belle Gibson is not just an Australian author but has a well-set career as a health guru as well. One thing that belle is famous for is her fake narrative of terminal brain cancer. Talking of the account of her career as a health guru, it started with her own diagnosis. The well-recognized author had been suffering from numerous cancer pathologies. Basically, all over her internal organs. Gibson had cancer in her blood, uterine, liver, in the malignant brain, spleen as well as in her kidney. She even suffered from strokes. And even possessed fleeting death experience while undergoing several operations.

The author claimed to find her way through her self-managing meals, workouts along with a few of the necessary therapies. Gibson said that she no longer had faith in the scientific treatments. Precisely, she decided to get diagnosed with her own homebound routines and diet. Most importantly, large segments from her earnings were donated. Along with significant portions of the profits that her company achieved. Basically, all of this was set forth in the name of charity. But the truth is she never had any cancer.

Belle Gibson: How her digital footprint exposed inconsistencies and lies. | Online Investigations Pty Ltd

Belle Gibson’s Early Life

Gibson is a native of Launceston, Tasmania of Australia. Married to Clive Rothwell and blessed with one child. The author was born on 8th October 1991.  From her various interview, we found her leaving her family from Brisbane at the early age of 12. Later on, living her life with a friend’s family. For her schooling, she went to Wynnum State High School from the Manly, Queensland, until her Year of 10. Further claiming to be completing her schooling from home.

For her working period, she began as a trainee for PFD Food Services at Lytton. This was a company that supplied their catering services. She relocated herself to Western Australia in Perth in the late year of 2008. It is from this place that she joined an online community of skateboarders. Hence, following their culture actively. Another relocation by her was made in July 2009 to Melbourne. This was the period when she just had turned 18 and then became a mother exactly one year later.

Belle Gibson: The influencer who lied about having cancer - BBC Three

The time when Gibson turned 21, she launched her ‘The Whole Pantry’ application. This was during August 2013. Belle is well known for her mobile app for The Whole Pantry. Looking at the numbers, it was found that this app was loaded more than two lakh times. That too within the first month of its launch. The same has been chosen as 2013’s Best Food and Drink App for Apple. The application rocked itself in the market. This was later accompanied by a companion cookery book.

Gibson’s Net Worth

Belle Gibson is FINALLY made to pay: Authorities seize the notorious cancer faker's assets | Daily Mail Online

Belle Gibson or Annabelle Natalie Gibson is regarded as an influencer of social media, fitness icon, and blogger promoting a healthy lifestyle. But to some, she is just a person guilty of her scam. The scam that is being spread of a fake narrative on account of terminal brain cancer. And considers herself an advocate of pseudoscience. The Australian author possesses a net worth of around $2 million to $3 million as of the year 2021. Gibson upholds reckless and reckless living. This includes purchasing different designer clothes, having dental procedures. Along with renting luxurious cars,  lavish townhouses, as well as spending their holidays on international trips.

The Medial Hoax

5 Infamous LIARS Who Fooled Everyone & Got Caught

Being a social media inspiration to many people, her application was a huge success. Belle Gibson and her ‘The Whole Pantry‘ mobile application was a super hit among the people. After this huge success, she even made a book deal and signed it to make it official as well. Talking about the medical hoax, she never could sustain any of her claims of having cancer. Nor was she able to provide any name of the doctors who were involved in her diagnosis. Added to this was the fact that she didn’t even have any scar as a consequence of the surgeries she had to go through. That’s all we have as per our sources. Thank you!

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