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The Beginning After the End chapter 114 Release Date

The Beginning After the End is a webcomic written by Turtle Me and illustrated by Fuyuki23.  The comic is an adaptation of the novel series written by Turtle Me that goes with the same name. The novel has around 330 + chapters whereas the webcomic has more than a total of 10 chapters. Chapter 113 is out now and we are here looking forward to the Beginning after the End chapter 114 release. Without going into the new chapter details, let us know what had happened in the latest released chapter of the Webcomic.

What happened in The Beginning After the End chapter 113?

Starting the scene with Arthur getting into a room where DC officers are practicing by doing fights sing their abilities. Theodore and Cutis will be seen dodging each other’s attacks. Arthur watching them and wondering how could Theodore manages the gravity magic. Curtis dodges the strong attack that Theodore throws at him. While both are starting to get into round five of fighting Kai and Claire shows up. Kai with his unpredicted Metal attribute Magic has produced strings in between the rivals which made Arthur surprised. All of them will get into their meeting room where Claire explains things.

The Beginning After the End Chapter 114

(Image from Tapas)

Claire claims that she along with Arthur and Curtis would be joining the Beast Glades trip with students. So they will be off-campus for a while. Claire raises the point of adjusting the patrol hours and she asks that who would want to extend their patrol hours since three of the DCs will be absent. Replying to this, Kai raises his hand and shows interest in extending patrol hours. On the other side, Feyrith also wanted to hang out more in the campus patrolling. Upon asking who is next, Kai with his strings ability lifts Doradrea’s hand and he wants to be his partner. After the meeting, Feyrith teases Arthur and she claims that she would give training to him. Arthur asks Claire what kind of magic Kai uses and she replies that she has no idea.

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Kai makes a Threat call to Arthur

The Beginning After the End Chapter 114

(Image from Tapas) Kai and Arthur

Kai shows up at Arthur and asks what he is thinking. Arthur asks about his secret and Kai comments that he would kill him after saying that. Arthur asks whether it is a threat call and Claire stops them before making the issue any bigger.

Later on, Elijah and Arthur are seen training each other. They are seen fighting with Melee weapons to which Arthur surprises by the stability that Elijah has. However, Arthur knocks him off. As soon as Elijah wakes up and sees Arthur, he listens to so many strange voices in his head such as Anger, Rage. It seems like Elijah has seen King Grey in Arthur and he suddenly walks away from there.

The Beginning After the End Chapter 114 Release Date:

The beginning after the end of chapter 114 release will release on July 30, 2021. The artist is taking a short break due to his current mild poor health condition. The next chapter will release after 20 days starting this day.

Is the Beginning After the End on Break?

Yes, the artist is taking a short break as he is ill currently. It does not seem like he has gotten severe conditions. He will be back with the new chapter on July 30. In the meantime

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