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Who Is Tik Toker Glitch Queen? Here’s What You Need To Know About Her

Who Is Tik Toker Glitch Queen?

Recently, TikTok has come up with a new trend right now. And, that is called the “Glitch Dance.” Who is the TikTok Glitch Queen? and other information about the Glitch Queen. Here is all that you need to know. 

Who Is The Glitch Queen? 

There are always new things that come online. And, this is one such that went viral on the internet. Moreover, the trendsetter for this is believed to be a 17-year-old girl. She goes by the name Vanessa Clark. And, the video requires participants to make fast movements.

Who Is Tik Toker Glitch Queen?

This Glitch Dance is now the new trend on TikTok and has gone viral on the internet. Also, she posted a video of herself dancing. Moreover, it is to be noted that the video was out in June and it is still a trend on the internet. According to the reports, Clark initially did only one movement. And, that was edited using TikTok’s filter. With that editing being done, the video appeared to be more of a glitch. The movement of the hands was back and forth and that created a glitch. Also, people came up with different versions of the same. Also, Clark added that this made her very happy to see people copying her style and making it with their own versions.

Glitch Queen – Vanessa Clark

Initially, Vanessa Clark uploaded a video of her doing one action. Later then, she added new videos that had other moves. Reports say that the video’s idea was to make it look like a video that is buffering over a low internet. Also, she said that she has no formal training in dancing. And, she said that she came up with the movement by accident. The 17-year-old Clark said that Everyone is having fun with the challenge. Also, her challenge went viral not only in America but internationally too.

Moreover, she added that it made her happy all to see people all over the world doing it. Also, the trend can be dated back to last year’s “Glitchcore.” Moreover, the making of Glitchcore needs the use of third-party applications. Moreover, the TikTok video features robot dance moves and rainbow lights. Moreover, glitchcore uses third-party applications for the making of the Glitch video used nothing but the Tiktok filter itself. Also, Clark claims that she did the dancing trends. The only application that was being used is the after-effect from TikTok.


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