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Apple Secretly Working On An Electric Car? Is Apple iCar Project Real?

Is Apple working on an Apple iCar project? This is no secret anymore. Apple has come up with the concept and has made it public. Interesting, isn’t it? Keep reading to know more about the release of the Apple Car. 

Is Apple iCar Project Real?

This is no more a secret. Apple has revealed that it is working on an iCar Project that is to be launched in a few years. Also, we have quite more information on this project. According to the reports, it is clear that Apple started the work for this in 2014. Moreover, the project is termed “Project Titan” and this has 1,000 car experts and engineers working on this.

The production and the working of the car are done at a secret location. Moreover, the location is somewhere near the company’s Cupertino headquarters. There were a lot of rumors about the launch of the Apple iCar recently. And, there were a lot of internal conflicts going around the release of the same. All of these have shown their impact on the production of the iCar. And later then, there were reports stating that after all of these internal strifes and leadership issues that dived in, Apple dropped the idea of the iCar.

What Do We Know As Of Now?

However, we are not new to rumors and other such things that come around famous products. Also, there are talks that Apple has dropped the idea of making an iCar as a result of all the internal issues. But, we have a piece of good news for you. According to the recent updates, Apple has overcome all the issues. Moreover, the company is working on making an iCar project a reality.

Apple is moving forward with its plans of developing Apple iCar project. And, the exciting part is that it is expected to be a consumer-facing autonomous vehicle. Also, this is expected to be an electric automated vehicle.

The Leadership Issues In The Development Of Apple iCar

Project Titan was dropped due to a lot of internal issues. And, one such internal issue is the leadership issue that came in. The project has seen multiple changes in the leadership of the project. And, with hundreds of employees being there, the company has dropped the idea for quite a long time. Right now, John Giannandrea is given the in-charge of the project. And, John is the machine learning chief and Apple’s AI chief. He took over the reins from Bob Mansfield and Mansfield retired in 2020.

Confirmed Updates About The Project Titan

The Project Titan was started in 2014. Though there were claims that the project is shelved by Apple, the company has confirmed the launch. Moreover, Apple in December 2020 confirmed that Apple is working on an electric car and there are plans to release the same. Also, the company says that the launch of Apple iCar can be expected to be in another 3 to 6 years. But, Apple Analysts have another calculation. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the release of the car will not be anywhere from 2025 to 2027. Yet, according to Reuters, the release is scheduled to be in 2014.

This project has gone through ups and downs. Moreover, in the first half of 2021, the company suffered a lot of loss and several top managers of the company were out. With all of these, there are potential setbacks in the launch of the car. Furthermore, the self-driving car team has gone through a lot but is still happening.

Apple Secretly Working On An Electric Car? Is Apple iCar Project Real? 2022

Are There Partners In Apple iCar Project?

According to sources, Apple is to work with manufacturing partners to manufacture more vehicles. Also, the company is expected to develop next-level battery technology. Also, the company has had talks with Hyundai and other manufactures also. And, there were rumors that Apple and Hyundai will ink a deal by this march. Also, the aim would be to start production by 2024. But, we expect that it may take a little longer for the company to find a manufacturing partner.

Also, the car is expected to be the next star project, and that it will be done in better integration of hardware and software services. Also, the chips are designed by Apple and manufactured by TSMC.


Moreover, the company says that they aim in creating a self-driving vehicle that would allow a user to input their destination. And, the vehicle is expected to take them to the destination with little to no engagement.

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke publically about the developments of the car. Usually, when it comes to the details of the work, Apple doesn’t share much of them. But, this time the company has spilled a lot of details as it is harder to keep quiet. Moreover, these are due to the regulations that car manufacturers need to follow.

Whatever be it, we are sure that Apple’s iCar is to be out by late 2027. Also, we can expect it to be out the earliest.

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