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Why Stop At Banning Menthol Cigarettes? Ban Them All, President Biden (Opinion)

Are you aware of the new ban that is to be put on Menthol Cigarettes by the Biden Government? Here is what you need to know. 

What Is The Ban On Menthol Cigarettes About?

The FDA (The US Food and Drug Administration) is planning to issue a ban on menthol cigarettes and other flavored cigarettes. Also, the ban is expected to hit the law by the end of this year. Besides, the Biden government wants to put an end to the menthol cigarettes in the store.

And why? Menthol cigarettes are known to be more popular among Black people. Since the 1950s there has been a high level of advertising put into the cigarette companies among black people. Also, this has caused a high number of black people to smoke menthol cigarettes.

The Ban On Menthol Cigarettes, Here Is Why

With the all-knowing illness that cigarettes are about to cause to the health of an individual here is why the Biden government thinks that there should be a ban on cigarettes.

  1. Menthol cigarettes are widely used by a wide range of Black people. Thus, putting up a ban on the same is likely to reduce the dependency on cigarettes by Black people, thinks the Biden Government along with Black Advocates.
  2. The presence of menthol in cigarettes is known to show an appealing side towards tobacco. The intake of menthol provides soothing relief, and thus, for smokers, it provides a feeling of happiness.
  3. The menthol in cigarettes is a very known factor to promote smoking among youngsters. This is because the presence of menthol makes the cigarette more appealing. Also, it adds up to ticking the tongues of young people into wanting that smoke again.
  4. With a ban being put on the production of menthol cigarettes and other flavored cigarettes, there is a high chance that people may reduce smoking. The tendency and dependency of cigarettes can be reduced to a considerable amount by this, thinks the government?

Why Stop At Banning Menthol Cigarettes? Ban Them All, President Biden (Opinion)

Why Stop At Banning Menthol Cigarettes? Why Not Ban All Of Them?

With the expectation on the ban of cigarettes, it becomes the real question that why just stop with menthol? Why not ban the other cigarettes too? Why just menthol?

Here is why this question arises.

  1. It is a well-known fact that cigarettes are addictive. Also, we know that cigarettes are known to affect the functioning of the body. In addition to that, the effects of cigarettes are not only limited to the people who smoke but also extend all the way up to the people around. Passive smokers are also likely to be greatly affected by smoking.
  2. Smokes and their effects are very known to affect the lungs and the breathing system. It is also known to interfere with normal breathing and makes the body weak and prone to diseases.
  3. Isn’t it still a wonder to think, that people knowing all the ill effects of cigarettes are still a devotee of them?

In the same direction, there was a study done in Canada. The results of it say that most of them diverted to using non-menthol cigarettes while some stopped smoking. Therefore, there is not going to be much of a difference with a ban being put on cigarettes.

What Would Be The Expected Consequences?

  1. With such a ban being brought forth, there are chances that people may shift to non-menthol cigarettes. Thereby, they still, end up spoiling their own health.
  2. The cigarette owners can end up producing cigarettes secretly (illegally). Now, this shifts attention to falling into the trap of doing an illegal activity.

With much more experiments being done on the same, it is still a question as to why such a ban. Also, when there is a ban to be on menthol cigarettes and other flavored ones, why not the non-menthol cigarettes too?

What can be done instead?

This ban on cigarettes may seem to be useless and that doesn’t mean that people should continue taking in more drag. All thanks to the advertising done on tobacco, there is no stopping from it. Every day there are people who fall trap to this addiction. Mostly, there is no turning back.

With all the consequences and the ill effects being known, it still stays a wonder to think that people spend so much to turn their lungs black. So much money is being spent to acquire all those black tar on people’s lungs and mostly no one cares about it.

With all these being said, it is evident that no ban can defy people from choosing to smoke. Rather, it has to be left to the people to choose for themselves.

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