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Donald Trump Adult Children Are Still Costing Taxpayers Thousands Of Dollars A Day

Even after the end of the rule of Donald Trump, his adult children still continue to keep the taxpayers pay thousands of dollars a day. Here is a brief update and all that you need to know. 

What Is The Actual Issue About Donald Trump’s Children?

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump are still costing taxpayers thousands of dollars a day says the Citizens for Ethics on Twitter. The three of them are still under personal security. These kinds of securities are provided to presidents.

Protection To The Former Presidents

The former presidents are entitled to protection post their tenure also. The former president and their kids under 16 are entitled to protection. Donald Trump took the step of negotiating the extension of the protection tenure and took it to another 6 more months.

Donald Trump's Adult Children Are Still Costing Taxpayers Thousands Of Dollars A Day

With this extension in hand, Donald Trump is entitled to protection along with his three adult children, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump. Usually, this period of security ends soon after the end of the tenure. But, with an extension being sought by Trump, the tenure of the protection period is still in action. Other than the three children of Trump, Tiffany Trump (Youngest daughter) is also included in the secret service travel cost.

The Amount Spent On Trump’s Children

According to the Secret Service Travel cost, $140,000 is spent in protecting Trump’s adult children 30 days post-presidency, $750,000 is spent during Pence’s mid-pandemic trip to Vail and $12,000 is spent at Trump’s Las Vegas Hotel. The Citizens for Ethics also tweets stating that this is not normal.

The data was obtained by the Citizen for Ethics using the Freedom of Information law. According to the Freedom of Information law, 2000, a person is entitled to the freedom to know the happenings in the country. Through this, the CREW got to know the details about the expenditure by Trump’s children. Also, there is a lot of confusion regarding these numbers because there are chances that they may be higher than the present numbers. The expected statistics are to be much higher than the present values.

The Total Numbers 

According to the present information, it is estimated that, in a period of 30 days, $52,296.75 for transportation alone. Also, the hotel stays summed up to $88,678.39. The secret service is normally assigned to take care and provide protection to the former presidents and their families.

Usually, former presidents and their children under 16 are provided security for the entire of their lives. Meanwhile, Trump has negotiated to extend the protection to the children of Trump for 6 months. This is clearly going out of the regular or the conventional way and is already making an issue.

With Joe Biden having power over the States, Trump’s adult children are still costing a lot of expenditures to the taxpayers. And, this is making an issue among the people.

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