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Kia Selling Low Quality Cars in India? Seltos Built Quality Truth Behind with Proof

Kia Selling Low Quality Cars in India? Seltos Built Quality Truth Behind with Proof

Is Kia Selling Low Quality Cars in India in comparison to other countries? What’s the whole matter going on. How did this thing come up? Is there a Kia Seltos Scam Going on? Know everything about this whole hidden scam here.

As users or buyers, we are often not very aware of all the details. Like Manufacturing processes, structure, materials used, and so on. We trust the name and buy a good vehicle for us and our family. But Sometimes companies take advantage of this lack of knowledge in their favor. This whole Kia Seltos is an example of such a case only. So let’s get to know everything about it.

Is Kia Selling Low Quality Cars? 

Well if something this big is coming up, there must be a source to it. So yes, this whole controversy starts, with an accident in mid-June this year.

The accident took place on NH-547 Chhindwara-Nagpur highway. The accident took away 3 of the 5 passengers.

But the shocking part of the accident was the breakdown of the Kia seltos. The car didn’t break down but got split into two parts.

So What’s So Wrong About that? 

Well if you’re getting this question, it’s quite sensible. But understanding one thing is very important. Doesn’t matter how hard an accident is, but the car never splits or cuts into 2 parts. It may get crushed or get fully destroyed. But splitting up of Kia Seltos is proof of something very wrong. Which is the use of low quality metal in car manufacturing. There’s a hidden Kia Seltos Scam that has not caught anyone’s sight.

Kia Seltos Scam? 

Let’s give you some technical details about it. Below here is an image of the structure of Sia Seltos. You can see the one in form of Sp2i. The left-hand side shows the outside production. The right-hand side shows production in India. These are the key defects here:

Kia Selling Low Quality Cars in India? Seltos Built Quality Truth Behind with Proof

  • Use of less percentage of Advanced High Steel in Indian Sia Seltos.
  • Kia uses 61% Advanced High Steel In Manufacturing Outside. Whereas it uses 73% metal of lower strength quality.
  • In Global NCAP ratings, Seltos scored only 15 points out of 49. One can understand it like just getting passed by 0.3.
  • This is the Kia Seltos Scam Going On in the market.

More About Kia Seltos:

Kia Seltos is a mid-size SUV and it became an instant hit. The Seltos set the sales chart on fire by becoming the best-selling SUVs of 2019. The Seltos received its first update in January 2020. Now the carmaker has updated it once again.

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