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Window 11: Microsoft to unveil Next Version of Window, Watch the first preview

Window 11: Microsoft to unveil next version of window, Watch the first preview

The next version of Window 11 is to be released. Microsoft has lifted the veil from the new version. Here are a few details curated on the topic. 

The New Windows 11

Microsoft has held a different perspective with regards to Window 11. Also, the preview and the looks are already out. With that being said, people are also notified of the release of the new version. What can we expect? The home and the start button is expected to be the same. But, the taskbar is where the changes can be seen. The icons are to be centered and this means that the tray area is cleared up. Also, new themes are being introduced in the new version of Window 11. The inputs and the typings can be done in a variety of ways. Also, the widgets can be made personalized and customized according to our needs. Moreover, the new Windows 11 enables you to give your input by typing, voice, touch, click and even write. Also, it enables you to switch between tabs to make your job done in a more productive way.

And here is the best part for all the gamers. The new Window 11 comes with an auto HDR and the gaming experience is going to be the best. Also, it comes with DirectX 12 Ultimate and an Xbox Game Pass. Also, the new Windows 11 has an all-new Microsoft store that contains in itself all the android apps. Moreover, this is designed to be compatible with most of the systems. The preview of Windows 11 is out and has already made its impression on the digital world.

What Can We Expect?

The new Windows 11 comes with a new perspective. Also, the new Windows gives you an option to work in a creative space and rejuvenated. Also, we can find the start menu and other such new things in the new Window 11. Microsoft says that the new Windows 11 is to be a place to think, express, and create in a creative way. Also, windows have new different ways to connect with people, games, and content.

Window 11: Microsoft to unveil next version of window, Watch the first preview

Also, there is access to all the apps. Ans, multitasking is made me easy. There are various tools like Snap Layouts and desktops. Also, there are more intuitive methods. Moreover, it helps you connect with people with the Microsoft teams. The new windows let you chat or call for free. This is exclusive of what device they use.

A More Personalised Experience And Gaming

The new window is to have more personalized content and that enables you to work with the things that you want to be there. Also, Microsoft edge helps you to choose from a variety of widgets and you become the one who decides what content you want in your widgets panel. Also, there are widgets that help you to know information really quickly. The new windows help you to stay up to date with news information, entertainment, and things that actually matter to you. Also, the new Microsoft store helps you to choose from a variety of apps. With this, you can choose the content that you love to be on screen.

Gaming is the most-needed thing in an operating system. And, the new windows take gaming a step higher. The new windows have graphic capabilities that rival reality. Also, the new Windows 11 gives us Xbox Game Pass. Isn’t this really good news? Also, it gives access to over 100 high-quality games whose membership is sold separately.

When Can We Expect The New Window 11

Also, this windows 11 is more compatible with a lot of PCs. And, I am sure that this piece of information has instilled excitement in you. But, as of now we don’t have a release date for Window 11. But, we can for sure tell you that this new upgrade will be out this year. These are confirmed by Microsoft itself.

Window 11: Microsoft to unveil next version of window, Watch the first preview

Minimum Requirements For Compatability

Also, while waiting for the release, you can check if the new Windows 11 is compatible with your PC. This calls for a minimum 1 gigahertz or faster processor with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit-processor or a system on a chip. The minimum memory requirement is 2 GB RAM. Also, 64 GB or larger storage is needed.  The system firmware must be UEFI and a secure Boot Capable. Also, the Trusted Platform Module should be of version 2.0. Moreover, since this enables graphics and gaming, a good graphics card that supports DirectX graphics or WDDM 2x. The display resolution should be greater than 9″ with an HD resolution (720p). Also, we need a strong internet connection for the setup of the Window 11 Home.

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