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Xiaomi Working On Sound Charging Technology | Xiaomi Air Charge | How Does This Work?

Can You Charge Your Phone Using Sound? | You May Stop Using Your Chargers Anymore

Everything in this universe keeps evolving. Nothing is the same as it was years back. Also, the main change that happens is the changes in science. Science keeps evolving and there are new things that happen every day. Technology has taken its part also. And, to be more precise, we can say that all that we used to see in science fiction movies are becoming a reality nowadays. Smartphones kept amazing us, don’t they? We have come across a lot of changes and developments in the field of smartphones. There were various fronts where the technology kept changing. Also, we know the changes that happened in smartphones and these include screen recognition, Face ID, Wireless Connectivity, and others.

But, if you are a smartphone user, you must for sure know how hard it is to have some charge left on your phones. Phones have very little battery storage and they need to be improved. Also, we all know how much we keep charging our phones. Moreover, we know the struggles of finding a charging port here and there. Furthermore, to address this issue we have Xiaomi here coming up with a new idea.

Can We Charge Using Sound? 

To address the frequent charging issues, Xiaomi is working on designing a new technology where sound can be used to charge. Also, this new strategy is used to charge your phones real quick. Moreover, after all of these issues being raised, Xiaomi has come up with a patent for sound charging technology. Also, Xiaomi has spoken with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA)  to bring up the idea. In addition, Xiaomi adds that the company is planning to produce a technology where sound is used to charge our phones.

Can You Charge Your Phone Using Sound? | You May Stop Using Your Chargers Anymore

How Does This Work?

The technology of sound charging seems to be new to all of us. So, there must be a  lot of questions that pop up in your mind. And, here is the information that we have for you. The “Sound charging” technology works on two components. These two components form the skeleton of the new tech. One component is a sound collection device while the other is a power conversion device. Also, a plurality of energy conversion devices is used in this plan. According to reports, the device undertrials will be checked to work on converting environmental vibration to mechanical vibration. This conversion forms the basis of sound charging technology.

Also, there are reports that say that the mechanical vibration will later be converted to alternating current. With this, we will be able to charge our phones. This is the proposed plan as of now. With more contents being known, we shall update them for you!

Isn’t science amazing? Also, we are still jaw dropped with all the new inventions. And, here is another one that stuns us. Let us wait to see when this becomes a reality.

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