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Cavier’s New iPhone Cover Will Blow Your Mind Away

Cavier's New iPhone Cover Will Blow Your Mind Away

iPhones are known to come up with new and different models around the year. And, with the launch of every iPhone, we need to know more about a lot of things that concern it. The same way is the need for a phone case. Here are some cases by Cavier and why you should opt for one. 

Cavier’s New iPhone Cover

The iPhone 12 and the other new models are the talks of the town. The iPhone 12 needs a cover for sure and here are good cases for you. Also, the iPhone mini has a new body structure. And, this has made the companies come up with new crafty ideas. The Cavier’s new iPhone cases are just mind-blowing.

Also, the pricing of an iPhone mini 12 is way too lesser than a normal iPhone. The iPhone 12 mini is affordable and $649. This price is $50 lesser than iPhone 11. This means that there are going to be more chances and hopes that people end up buying this iPhone. And, if you are one among them, then here are a few cases from Cavier.


This is the most important aspect while picking up a case for your phones. And, this is the main aspect where Velvet Cavier seems to top. It’s their stunningly attractive designs. Also, there is so much of a variety. That is a plethora of options for you to chose from. To be honest, it can get confusing to choose one among that wide range of options lying just in front of you. Their style ranges from funky to retro, aesthetic and glamour and understated and what not. Moreover, there are floral, neon, glitter, holographic, fur, animals, marble, faux, and other clear cases too. Also, there are the ones with wallets.

Cavier's New iPhone Cover Will Blow Your Mind Away

Now if this just hyped up our excitement to choose one case for your phones, Cavier is the right place. Just go and pick a good iPhone 12 mini case for your iPhone. Also, there cases that would suit men more. The manly cases, the girly ones, and whatnot. Caviar is just a sea and you get to pick up your favorite case out there. Also, the cases are not that bulky and thus it makes the perfect to-go option.


Every one of us is so concerned about our belongings. So are our phones. And, no one of us wants to have our phone broken or cracked. Rather, we chose to have a phone that is safe and secure and stays the same as new. With that being said all of us need a proper case that ensures protection to our phones. Moreover, our phones are very much prone to dropping and falling. And all of these are sure to cause damage to the phones, primarily the screens.

Cavier's New iPhone Cover Will Blow Your Mind Away

The Caviar’s cases are sleek and stylish. But, above all, they provide good protection. Moreover, the cases are known to withstand an 8 feet drop. But, we live in the era of fashion where fashion matters more than anything else. The Cavier’s cases are not those hardcore armor cases that we find. Rather, they are sleek and are reasonably strong. Also, they don’t add bulk to the phone.

To give its extreme durability and shockproof nature, the cases are made using Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). Also, because it has a combination of plastics and soft silicone, it makes your phone appear the same way as it appears to be without the case. There are bumpers on the sides too. These bumpers give more protection. Also, the cases are lightweight yet strong and durable.

The material used is TPU, thermoplastic polyurethane, which is known for being extremely durable and shockproof. It basically combines hard plastic with soft silicone, making your iPhone 12 mini case lightweight yet tough. With additional bumpers on the sides, there is even more protection.


And who said luxury is costly. Here at Cavier every case comes with a price point of $30. This is way too affordable and cheap when it comes to other cases that are costlier than this. The new cases are just amazing and they are also at their best price. Moreover, nearly all the cases are under the same price range, and thus, you are super free to choose one case. Because deep inside you know that it is just to cost $30. Also, this luxury is budget-friendly and good for everyone wanting to shine.

A New Phone? Here Is A New Case

With all the aspects analyzed, Cavier is one of the affordable and budget-friendly mobile cases that one can find. And, they come with variations and newer designs. And if iPhone 12 mini is on your mind or if you already own it, I bet you must have a case from Cavier. Moreover, you can also pick from them a new case for your AirPods. There are other cases and cases for other models of phones too. All that you need to do is to go in there and just spend all the time finding the best one for you.

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