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Will iPhone 13 notch: Can We Expect A Smaller Notch In The New iPhone 13?

iPhone 13 notch: Can We Expect A Smaller Notch In The New iPhone 13?

The launch of the new iPhone is cooking up. And with this, we have a lot of rumors that unfurl all over the internet. So, the rising question right now is will iPhone 13 have a smaller notch? Here is all the information we have curtailed for you about the iPhone 13 notch. 

Will iPhone 13 Have A Smaller Notch?

Apple is all set to release a new iPhone 13 this fall and there are rumors circulating all over the internet about this. But, in the actual sense, will iPhone 13 have a smaller notch? Though there are rumors all over the internet, there is no official news about this. Well, in fact, we have no actual information about the new iPhone 13 itself. But, we still have so much information about the new iPhone 13 and all of those are rumors that spread online.

So, according to the rumors, we can expect the new iPhone 13 to have a smaller notch than the previous ones. This is to be applied to all the other models of the new iPhone 13 that is to be released. Be it, the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 pro max, and the iPhone 13. Usually, more modified versions are given to the Pro Max, here we have the notch to be smaller in all the other models that are to be released this fall.

Will iPhone 13 Have A Smaller Notch Or No Notch At All?

As per the rumors and the trailers so far, we can imply that we can have a smaller notch in the coming-up model. Also, there are no chances that iPhone 13 will remove the notch completely. The talks on the notch have come up because there were a few trailers released about the new iPhone 13. Moreover, there are talks going around saying that the new iPhone 13 will bring back fingerprint sensors. The previous models of iPhone took off this feature, instead, they introduced the Face ID to save the day. But, with masks, there came a new problem that iPhone had to address.


iPhone 13 notch: Can We Expect A Smaller Notch In The New iPhone 13?

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Also, it is to be noted that, other smartphones have already reduced their notch. It is to be noted that the new model of iPhone is to run together with the trend. Also, the removal of the notch completely is not happening. Moreover, the new iPhone is expected to have a smaller notch. This notch houses the Face ID. This is why there are about will iPhone 13 have a smaller notch.

Trailer Of iPhone 13 

Though there is no proper information about the release of the new iPhone 13. This new iPhone 13 has no official announcement. But, all that we have, is because of the rumors that circulated on the internet.

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