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Apple iPhone 13 Release Date 2021, Design, Trailer, Price and iPhone 13 Rumors

Apple iPhone 13 Release Date 2021, Design, Trailer, Price and iPhone 13 Rumors

iPhones come up every year and here is another update about the all-new iPhone 13. Also, we have real good rumors coming up about the release of the iPhone 13 2021. But, here is the real status of the iPhone 13 Release date and much more. 

When Is iPhone 13 Release Date?

The sad thing here is that we still don’t have a proper answer to this. Moreover, Apple has not given out any official announcement about the release of the new model. But, the Release of the new iPhone 13 is for sure happening this year. But, I’d rather say, don’t fall for the rumors of the release of the new iPhone.

Although we don’t have pretty sure dates, here we have some speculations about the release of the iPhone 13. Calculating the previous launch dates of our iPhones, we can expect that this new model of iPhone can hit our stores this September. Anywhere around the third or the fourth week of September,  we can expect this favorite iPhone of ours to hit the stores. Moreover, we still don’t have a proper answer to this. Also, if this is the case, we can expect Apple to have an official meeting to announce the iPhone 13 release.

The iPhone 13 Design

iPhone 13 shows much of a muchness to the iPhone 12 and its design. With this being said, we can expect the body of this new iPhone 13 to also be boxy as its predecessor. But, different from the previous models, this new iPhone 13 is to have a smaller notch. The notch is thick in the previous versions and that is expected to be rectified in this new iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13 And Its Name Debate

Right now all that we know about this phone is from the rumors. Also, the new model that Apple is going to release is termed be iPhone 13 by a huge number of people. But, there are also people who say that the new Release of apple is going to be the iPhone 12s and not the iPhone 13.

Apple iPhone 13 Release Date 2021, Design, Trailer, Price and iPhone 13 Rumors


Adding an “s” at the end of the model is something that Apple usually does. You can find that in iPhone 6 which had a later launch called the iPhone 6s. The slapping of s at the end of the newly Released phone is to denote that the new Release is pretty much the same as the previous version of it. But, not to deny, the key improvements and the previous problems are addressed.

iPhone 13 Price Rumors

There are a lot of rumors about the iPhone 13 already. There is nothing official about the pricing of the iPhone 13. But, there is something that we have about the pricing of iPhone 13 2021. This new phone is expected to be somewhere around the same price rate as iPhone 12.

Also, there are rumors that there are a few more models of the same series to be Released. But, talks are that iPhone 13 mini won’t be launched this 2021. The reason behind this is that the last year’s new release, the iPhone 12 mini was not a huge success. These handsets may be a little costlier this time. Moreover, this is because there are talks of including 5G in the handsets.

With iPhone 13  Date, What Updates Do We Have? 

Previously, iPhone removed the option of the fingerprint sensor. Instead, it added a Face ID to it. With masks taking our lives nowadays, Face ID started to have its limitations. In order to address this issue, there are talks that the new iPhone 13 will have a fingerprint sensor that would enable users to use their fingerprint instead of a Face ID.

Moreover, other than the in-screen fingerprint sensor that the new iPhone 13 is to have, there are pretty much no other changes that we can find in the new iPhone 13. But, we can also pin our hopes that the new iPhone 13 will have a new 6 element ultrawide lens. Also, tele lens can be expected on the new iPhone 13. Also, the new iPhone 13 is highly hoped to be compatible with a wireless charger. All of the models after iPhone X supported wireless charging, therefore, the same is expected here. Whatever be it, all of this information is from the reports got here and there but none of these have been confirmed officially by Apple.

The Trailer

Though there is no official trailer, here is a small trailer that went viral on the internet and YouTube. Here is a look at the trailer.

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