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Is Apple Secretly Working On A Foldable iPhone? Here’s What We Know

Isn’t apple phones the ever-favorite? Apple comes with new updates and new releases every year. And, here is another speculation about apple’s foldable iPhone. Here is what you need to know. 

There are speculations that Apple is about to launch a foldable iPhone. Apple’s foldable iPhones are happening. But, not anywhere in the upcoming years. Other leading companies like Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi have already their feet on foldable phones. Apple is presently working on an 8-inch flexible OLED.


Although this giant has stepped his feet on the foldable phones, Apple’s foldable iPhones are in the basic state. The exploration for the probabilities and the perks of having a foldable phone is on, but they are in the very early stage. Moreover, the working prototype is not even ready.

Though Apple is working on a new foldable iPhone, this marvel is not to be released anywhere in 2021. Also, reports say that the works are in the very basic stage. Now this means that we cannot expect a new output even in 2022, or 2023.

Furthermore, Apple is working with a prototype that would have two separate display panels. These panels are to be connected with a hinge. This is different from the previous Samsung models that have one display panel altogether. Also, there are other prototypes that Apple is trying right now to find the one that works. Claims also support that Apple is also working on an exterior that is similar to that of the iPhone 11. Clearly enough that the body of the foldable iPhone will pretty much have round edges and a tiny forehead that supports face ID recognition.

Although Apple’s foldable iPhones are a long way to go, Apple keeps releasing new products every year. So, for 2021, Apple has reported making a few changes to iPhone 13. They will be released this September or October. Pretty much the design of the iPhone 13 is to be similar to iPhone 12, with boxy edges.

But, there is one major change that the company is about to bring in iPhone 13. Previously, Apple removed fingerprint recognition and instead used a Face ID for user recognition. With top-notch face ID recognition, this change was much welcomed by the consumers. Yet, with masks being the new normal, the usage of Face ID has its own limitations. This implies that iPhone 13 may have a built-in fingerprint recognition sensor. This would address the present problems with Face ID and masks.

The iPhone 13 is already on its way. Also, there are speculations that this iPhone 13 will have very minute changes in comparison with iPhone 12. Though they are to be very homogenous as iPhone 12, the main change would be the bringing back of fingerprint sensors. Apple previously had a separate button for the fingerprint recognition sensor. But, this time, reports say that Apple may have an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Other than these, there are no changes that can be found in iPhone 13. Also, the body design of the iPhone13 is to be the same as iPhone 12. In addition to these, there may be a telephoto lens that makes it much of a muchness to the pro models of iPhone. 

Though the leading companies are up with foldable phones, the idea is still new and evolving. Other brands are also still learning the science of foldable phones. But, Samsung has already launched two phones – Fold and Fold 2. The concept of foldable phones seems to be more new to us and the producers. Thus, these foldable phones are still not perfect enough. Moreover, regular phones are still the choice of people. Apple has joined the trend of foldable phones, but let us wait to see the updates of our favorite Apple’s Foldable iPhones.

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