Huawei enters the TV market with a brand AI Window

The first TV Huawei should be on sale within six months.

The first TV Huawei should be on sale within six months.

Huawei is winning the smartphone market seems to be interested in a new direction and decided to produce TVs.
What is known

Earlier there were rumors that Huawei will be selling the TV on behalf of its sub-brand Honor. But now the company has registered in China the trademark to its name — Huawei AI Window. In the description it appear on the LCD panel and Smart TV.

Judging from the name, the TVs will feature artificial intelligence. Likely to be a voice assistant, but what — is unknown. Recall that Huawei is preparing its own virtual assistant, therefore, will test it on the TV. Or the old-fashioned way will be doing it Assistant Google or Amazon Alexa.
When to wait

It is expected that the first TV will go on sale within six months. Maybe Huawei will show it on one of the shows this winter.

Perhaps the device will be produced under two brands, and Honor, and Huawei.

We will remind, earlier there were rumors that the TV market is also interested in Oppo and Vivo.

Source: Gizchina