The world got the first picture from a space telescope “Hubble” after it breaks

The world got the first picture from a space telescope “Hubble”, which was made after exit from the safe mode. The photo shows galaxies that are located at a distance of 11 million light years from Earth in the constellation Pegasus. About it reports “Mirror of week” with reference to the website of the Observatory.

According to the publication, the telescope took the picture on 27 October with the camera Wide Field Camera 3.

The Observatory noted that this picture was taken after three weeks of stay in safe mode: at the beginning of October one of the gyroscopes of the telescope is out of order. To allow the Hubble needs three working gyro out of six. With Oct at the telescope there were only two, but the scientists were able to launch another one. October 26, Hubble was able to return to normal functioning.

Recall, the Hubble telescope was launched into orbit on 24 April 1990 by the crew of the ship of reusable use “Diskaveri”. He had already transmitted to Earth millions of unique pictures that expanded the idea of scientists about the structure and origin of the Universe. Camera held 1.2 million targeted observations over 38 thousands of space objects, based on which it has trained about 13 thousand scientific papers. The experts called “Hubble” one of the most powerful scientific instruments in history.

As previously reported, in 2014, using the space telescope “Hubble” was able to see with thevet galaxies, like our milky Way and died billions of years ago in a galaxy cluster Pandora.

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