Activision has responded to the criticism of the subtitles Spyro the Dragon Trilogy are reignited, but screwed up

In Crash Bandicoot Trilogy N. Sane was the same problem with subtitles and it is still not decided.

In Crash Bandicoot Trilogy N. Sane was the same problem with subtitles and it is still not decided.

The re-release of Spyro the Dragon Trilogy are reignited got good grades, and even ahead of RDR2 in the British top, but it did not save the developers from criticism.
What is known

Seven days after the release of the publication GamePitt noticed that in the updated Spyro the Dragon has problems with subtitles. The author of the review even noted it in the cons, lowering the final rating of the game. The problem is that while interacting with NPC players see the dialog, but during cutscenes the subtitles do not appear. It turns out that gamers who do not know much English, will lose part of the plot. Besides the lack of subtitles is inconvenient to players with hearing impairments.

Activision saw the indignation of the author, and hastened to send a response, which caused even more controversy. In a statement, the company representative wrote that the developers of Toys For Bob worked with unexplored for them, Unreal 4, but added languages, which were not in the original game. Besides, according to Activision, the game industry “there are no standards for subtitling”.

The last phrase caused a new wave of indignation. In the dispute wedged Ian Hamilton, which helps studios to implement settings for gamers with disabilities. He noted that the approval of Activision is incorrect, because in 2018 the Studio to “voluntarily implement subtitles, making them the industry standard”.

It absolutely is an industry standard, Activision”s statement is simply incorrect. It doesn’t have to be a legal or cert requirement for it to be standard. We’re in 2018 not 1998, the entire industry voluntarily including subtitles means including them is an industry standard.
— Ian Hamilton (@ianhamilton_) 19 Nov 2018

In the message, Activision said it would consider this issue in the future. As noted by the journalist Eurogamer, N. Sane Crash Bandicoot Trilogy had the same problem with the subtitles and it is still not decided.
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