Depositphotos called visual trends 2019

International photobank Depositphotos analyzed data from millions of search requests, talked to the leaders of the photo industry and identified the key visual trends 2019. This is stated in the company blog.

“The world is a global aesthetics that dictate the social networks and opinion leaders. Marketers strive to make the content more personalized, and designers are trying to rethink the past and experimenting with innovative approaches in art,” write the authors of the study. 9 main trends in visual communication 2019: 1. The era of personalization

Marketers have to invent new approaches to reach consumers as we enter an era where personalization is becoming the most important element of any communication. People leave large amounts of personal data that can be used to offer them more personalized content.

Brands carefully studying their customers and use information about them in your visual communication. Marketers abandon the concept of “one size fits all” focus on personal communication with the client, and begin with the formation of the visual content. 2. Creative provocations

Social networks need to stand out, to be noticed, therefore more provocative, bold visual communication. To achieve this effect with non-traditional approaches to photography, art and design. 3. Nostalgia

Big brands such as Adidas, in their visual communication inspired by the aesthetics of 90 years and offer a reimagined visual language to attract a new audience. Next year brands will use palettes, patterns and fonts that resemble the aesthetics of past decades. Especially popular will enjoy the aesthetics of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s years. 4. Rethinking art history

Designers are not only inspired by the aesthetic of the ‘ 90s, but also rethinking the Renaissance and classical art. Contemporary artists interpretiruya paintings of the great masters to bring a new modern sense. Increasingly photographers in their works make references to classic paintings, adding an unexpected modern twist.

For example, American photographer Christy Lee takes pictures of people under water that compare with paintings in the Baroque style. 5. Global esthetics

Quartz News wondered why all the coffee shops in the world are similar to each other? The study found that not only coffee shops are similar. Social networks have begun to dictate the visual language, and begin to create the same style of interior design, still life painting for coffee shops, restaurants and so on.

Places where people spend time, turn into Instagrammable. The owners strive to make the interior as to attract more customers, which will make posts to social networks.

The specificity of the visual language of social networks is very exquisite, impeccable, clean aesthetics. Neat, polished look of photos on social media, spreading like wildfire, more and more affecting the lifestyle of people. 6. Add interactivity

In 2018 many of the designers discussed the animation, which can be done using a tool such as Crello. Next year this trend will continue, people will find new ways of interacting with content. In web design will be added interactive elements that will make people interact with visual content. In Sydney, Australia, for example, the Museum of modern art allows visitors, using the letters of an abbreviation to rename the Museum, thereby allowing people to join the design. Providing customers with opportunities to influence the content and design ensures that they will remember your brand or product. 7. 3D design

Designers learn to use new tools and implement three-dimensional elements into their work. Adding this type of depth in design creates new demand for visualization and threatens the existence of static graphic design in the form in which it now is.

This year, Facebook has demonstrated a new 3D pictures. This feature will definitely impact the approach to working with photos and ways of communication in social networks. 8. Minimalism becomes a philosophy

The only trend that has not died and became more powerful and took on a new meaning — it’s minimalist. Next year will be demand for conceptual minimalism not only in design of websites and applications, but also in the design of products and photos. Minimalism becomes a philosophy, and its task is to stop the viewer’s eye, forcing him to think. 9. A new wave of environmental education

The organizers of the championship the Super Bowl spent $ 5 million on advertising to draw attention to social and environmental issues. Brands are beginning to raise important topics and environmental issues are at the top of the list of problems.

Depositphotos drew attention to the growth of visual images that show the true state of the world in which we live. These images occupy a Central place in the news. Industries can affect the improvement of the environment, and designers to come up with solutions that will help to build a sustainable future.

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