What are the reasons of growth of demand for made in Ukraine

The demand for goods of Ukrainian production remains stable for several years. As evidenced by the State statistics service of Ukraine and indices of the largest retailers specializing in domestic products.

The increase in the number of buyers of Ukrainian products in 2017-2018 record largest retailers. In particular, the company UAmade monthly captures the growth of the turnover of its stores by 20%.

In UAmade called several reasons for the stable growth of demand for Ukrainian goods. This wide range, and its accessibility for residents of the most remote corners of the country. This is lower compared to imported counterparts, the price. But the main thing is that people give preference to Ukrainian products due to its high quality and exclusivity.

“Ukrainian producers are increasingly paying attention to the quality of the product, its exclusivity, expand their range and establish business processes. People appreciate the limited production and quality. Buying Ukrainian product, are you sure this sweatshirt will not go to the whole world”, — convinced the owners of the chain stores UAmade Victor and Sonia Paul.

The growth of demand for Ukrainian goods objectively affects the efficiency of retailers. In particular, UAmade, in addition to retail Internet sites, has 6 offline stores in Kiev and the Dnieper. Each of them for the year is visited by around 2 million customers. At the same time, their number is growing by 12-18%. Also, prepares to open two new stores in Lviv and Kiev.

The company state that the demand for certain goods is seasonal.

“In the summer, more demand for clothes. For example, at the peak of popularity remain high socks with interesting prints and t-shirts with unusual inscriptions. Winter and the holidays are in high demand Souvenirs, as everyone wants to choose the perfect gift” — say the owners of the company.

Without a trace

The state statistics service also noted the stability of demand for Ukrainian goods.

In particular, in September-August 2018 3.5% increase in the production of fabrics compared to the same period last year. 14.2% increase in the production of t-shirts and t-shirts. The most marked increase in Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv regions — 39%.

There is a growing demand for men’s shoes, and accordingly, increased its production by 13.8% across the country. The most impressive results showed Zaporozhye region, developing production by 81%.

But women’s shoes it isn’t in demand in September-August this year it produced 10% less than the same period last year. However, in August the situation became better in comparison with August of 2017, a growth of 6.5 per cent.

Slightly decreased demand for dresses, blouses and shirt — at 6.9 to 7.6%. And the production of coats, in fact, remained at the same level as last year, a decline of only 0.6%.

It should be noted one important fact — the state statistics service says that on all the positions of the remnants of finished goods in warehouses of enterprises does not exceed 1.5% of the volume produced since the beginning of the year item.

Exclusivity, quality, availability and cheapness are the main prerequisites for sustainable demand for all Ukrainian. It has become a serious impetus for the development of small and medium business according to the state service statistics, medium, small and micro enterprises has made 45,4% of industrial products sold in Ukraine last year.

Temporary difficulties

However, there are problems. In UAmade have concluded that the small manufacturers from time to time there are difficulties with the timely supply of products.

“Since we work mainly with very large companies can sometimes be a problem with the purchase of raw materials, which in turn delays the delivery of goods to the stores,” say the owners of the retailer.

However, the company is optimistic about the future. In the nearest plans of Victor and Sony of Paul — not only work on brand awareness, development and expansion of the network, but also the opening of the new offline stores. Where they will be opened, the company still kept secret. However, we can already say that the saying “God made man, everything else is made in China” for our country is not so relevant.