Women in it: Why is it important to the growth of a critical mass

The question of gender is at the peak of popularity, but I’m not going to promote feminism, or to intimidate the facts of gross violations of women’s rights. I propose to put aside the “crime” and blatant discrimination that is associated with the manifestation of gender, or other form of inequality, which still has to be shocking in its cynicism, and focus on a positive agenda.In practice it is possible to observe how the dominance of one gender in organizations leads to an obvious imbalance in the collective way of thinking, in the unhealthy process with distortion factors for decision-making on any issues. Otherwords, in the men’s team begins to dominate masculina corporate culture, women’s behavioral stereotypes feminist orientation. In both cases we are dealing with a lack of parity of opportunity and, as a consequence, high requirements for “unequal”, with a predominance of subliminal clichés, from “glass ceilings” and just discomfort when someone has to bend and adapt to initially unfair rules of the game. All this hinders women in it to realize their potential, to achieve career goals.

It’s not just about our country. The latest ranking of cities with the most favourable conditions for female entrepreneurship revealed that no city in the world not scored not that 100 points out of 100, but even 70 out of 100. As far as rose new York, scoring 63 points in the overall standings, that is an area for growth is huge. In addition to the studies and figures I can cite the experience of women themselves in it. In September we spent with the Dell Tech Forum in Kiev and invited to the discussion, “Women in IT” a top Manager Dell EMC from Sweden Sophie Rennert (Sophie Ronnertz) and founder of the venture Fund TA Ventures Victoria Tigipko. It was a rich conversation from which I learn a lot of useful and decided to share with readers of “Business” with several insides and also to invite you to the discussion about how to achieve the same critical mass of women in it, and why it is necessary and important.

Support and communication

For several years she is a mentor for women in it. She overcame a long way from the work support to the position of regional Vice President of the Corporation. Know what it most lacked early in his career? Networking. “When you are in the minority, you don’t have enough support. I know it for myself. After I became the Vice-President, the situation has changed little. To get to the top of mount Olympus is very difficult, but once there, you realize that it is still in the minority and sometimes alone. Although I personally was lucky as my boss is a woman, but this is rather an exception from the rules,” she observed.

Sophie also drew attention to the difference in communication between men and women and that women often do not show proper perseverance and perseverance, I’m afraid to take risks and claim more confident in their abilities. Unlike many men.”That’s why I decided to invest my time in mentoring to help women become more confident. In addition, women are much more comfortable to discuss their opportunities, prospects and areas of growth with a woman,” said Sophie.Let me emphasize that we do not want to be men or compete with them. We want the remaining women to grow and develop in a competitive community in which we are still in the minority.

Education and training

Sure I never too late to learn. How to start a business, and because it is a step into the unknown, it is not a shame to seek help and support. I think we’ve all been in situations where timely advice helped to choose the right path. Education, support of mentors and peers all play an important role in changing the mentality, but a lot depends on women themselves and from the environment in which they are brought up. It is obvious that Ukraine is very different from Europe and from America. Family model have different. For example, in some countries of Europe the decree of the first mothers and then fathers, so parents can combine their personal and working time, and both can devote time to as career and family, as well as equalizing each other in rights and responsibilities. For us, this approach — if not exotic, it is rather rare.It is important that we change our worldview, a way of thinking and their behavior: how we behave with their fathers, brothers, husbands, Boyfriends, sons. Change this, other changes will happen much faster.

Diversity and inclusion

“In corporations such as Apple, Netflix, Facebook or Google, 20-25% of women work in positions of technical specialists, and about 30-35% in management. What does this mean? That the world is changing, — said Victoria. — The more women in engineering and managerial positions, the more transformed the entire landscape of the business.”On the transformations of the landscape will quote another participant in our conversation, which I did not mention Peter D Autry (Peter DAutry), head of the it Department of the company Pedersen &Partners (it staffing Agency specializing in the recruitment of top managers). “It may seem strange, but the talents themselves are not in demand, it is difficult to find a job, says Peter, and argues for his opinion: “McKinsey conducted a research study on this topic, interviewing several thousand managers. It turned out that the more successful indicators are those companies that demonstrate the breadth of approaches, commitment to shared values and principles, including diversity and inclusivity. In my experience I see a growing number of women in companies helps business become more successful”.It is considered that we live in an era of individualists, but when it comes to large-scale and long-term projects requires the cooperation and involvement of different people, and avoiding bias and any form of discrimination.

Optimism and development

I mentioned about the differences between Ukraine and the more developed countries. While we lag behind. However, answering the question voiced at the meeting progresses, whether Ukraine, and whether there are reasons for optimism, the participants agreed that Yes. We are moving in the right direction and overcome those stages that have already passed in Sweden, where Sofie, or Germany, where they came from Peter.If we want to check that the path is open: you can join the global projects, while ignoring your own potential. Today, women who have reached certain career heights, or accomplished in their business projects, to come together in community to help each other. Moreover, unite not just women. It may surprise you, but the idea of a global initiative MARC against discrimination belongs to men. Previously, MARC was glossed as “Men Advocating Real Change”, and now “Many Advocating Real Change”. That is men started, and then reached the level, when the floor of the proponents of change has lost its importance.

Thus, the space for the development of women in it is huge, and if it fillincreasing strength and critical mass, it will allow you to rise high above gender and other artificial barriers that prevent women to realize themselves. Why do we need business? From a purely pragmatic reasons because the commitment to the principles of diversity, equality and inclusiveness positively affects business results.