Terrible damage: look at all the superpowers of the javelin in Anthem

In combat, pilots can use special abilities possessed by every exosuit.

In combat, pilots can use special abilities possessed by every exosuit.

Electronic Arts showed the superpowers of the javelin, which will manage the players in Anthem. To activate an ultimate attack, you will need energy, which is given for killing enemies and assisting allies. Besides, Anthem will add the special items that “affect the battery capacity.”

Ranger is a universal suit that will be suitable for battles with multiple enemies at the same time. Help this multi-purpose missile battery, which grabs the target and deals damage to the area.

Colossus uses a siege weapon, releasing a lot of explosive shells. The ability is useful for suppressing small targets, retention difficult areas and destroying bosses.

The storm, as we mentioned, uses elemental damage. Fighter launches a series of ice, electric and fire charges, and then unleashes on the enemy meteor swarm. This ability is perfect for destroying enemies in a confined space.

The ability of the Interceptor resembles new Ulta Hunter from Destiny 2: Forsaken. Activating the ability, the fighter uses swords to attack at close range, and the enemies caught by the attack will receive a sound damage for 10 seconds. This ability is characterized by high accuracy, allowing the Interceptor to cause enormous damage.

Recall that the Anthem comes out February 22, 2019 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Participants Access Origin and EA Access get early access on February 15.
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