System with artificial intelligence iBorderCtrl will use to check passengers

System with artificial intelligence called iBorderCtrl installed at some crossings in the EU. It is planned that its use will expedite the inspection of travelers, as reported by “New time” with reference to Mashable.

The new system will be tested for six months at four border crossings in Hungary, Greece and Latvia. The system will analyze the micro-expressions of the user to determine whether he was lying.

The procedure for monitoring will be as follows: first, the passengers will load into the system your passport, visa and financial guarantees, and then will answer questions posed by a computer guard on a webcam. People will be asking in particular about their belongings: “What you have in your suitcase?” and “If you open the suitcase and show me what’s inside, whether he will confirm that your answers are correct?”.

Those who pass the test will receive a QR code which will allow you to pass. If there is an additional problem that the biometric data will be taken and handed over to the person who will assess the situation. The system is experimental, so the algorithm will not personally deny people from crossing the border.

In previous tests, the accuracy iBorderCtrl was 76%, but according to one of the developers, this figure can be increased to 85%.

In the European Commission believe that the use of such methods will help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of inspections. “The system iBorderCtrl will collect data that will go beyond the biometrics,” says project coordinator George Bultadakis.

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