Virtual reality vs real investment

The main characteristic of modern technology is their continuous development. New appears with stunning speed. Information is much more than the possibility of its perception. Some people prefer to ignore it, and someone is closely following trends and waiting for the next big thing. Investors here have to be especially attentive and careful, because the choice of project investments depends very much.

One of the hottest tech trends of the year was a virtual (VR — Virtual Reality) and augmented (Augmented Reality — AR) reality. Despite the fact that many people do not encounter them personally, or at best consider only a part of the gaming and entertainment spheres, they quickly penetrate into different businesses, not only in the progressive West, but also in Ukraine. And their range of application is almost limitless.

In fact, such projects not only change the business they are qualitatively transform our lives. Point the smartphone with the appropriate app on the image in the magazine — and it “come to life” (AR as it is). This feature is already used in education, when dry, descriptive texts are provided with extremely sample content. Hardly anyone would call frivolous technology, which can, for example, to help medical students learn to do complex surgery.

Or, let’s say you planned the purchase of real estate is a serious investment. Virtual reality to the rescue, allowing me to walk for the future new building, and almost with his own eyes (after all, without special glasses or a helmet cannot do) to enjoy the benefits of the premise, to understand why the price per square meter differs depending on the floor (by the way, this idea almost first in the world to embody one of the Ukrainian companies in the project).

And that VR/AR technologies have become the topic of a recent meeting of the project “Startup Nation” from CIG. Me as a person and an investor, very impressive development, which involve the latest technologies, completely changing the user experience and business development.

This time offline was found representatives of the most successful and progressive Ukrainian projects that are constructed around technologies of augmented and virtual reality, from different fields: mobile, retail, 3D modeling animation, restaurant business, medicine, real estate, entertainment. Some have already expand to international market, other is definitely on the way to it. When I see young people who enthusiastically talk about their projects, boldly expanding the boundaries of the familiar world, I understand that we work not in vain. And that this country has a brilliant future.

That’s why we conceived this project: not only to keep pace with the world that is changing rapidly, but also to change it. We hope that it will serve as a platform for exchange of experience and ideas, and the impetus for the development of IT startups in Ukraine in a variety of fields.

Sure, VR/AR technology will continue to conquer the world. But what trends can do Ukrainians, — deserves special attention.