Criminal proceedings against the “Galnaftogaz” closed — not found crime structure

Criminal proceedings against the gas station “OKKO” (“Concern “Galnaftogaz”). closed due to the fact that the security Service of Ukraine has not found crime structure. This was reported on the website of PJSC “Concern Galnaftogaz”.

“The Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine of October 25, 2018 the criminal proceedings, which opened on 17 may 2018 the security Service of Ukraine on signs of the criminal offense under part 3 St. 110-2 Criminal code of Ukraine, closed on the basis of paragraph 2 of part 1 of article 284 of the Criminal procedure code of Ukraine in connection with absence in act of structure of a criminal offence”, — is spoken in the company message.

The decision of the Prosecutor General’s office received after the appeal “concern Galnaftogaz” with a request to check how legitimate the actions of the SBU, and if she had grounds to open criminal proceedings.

Also, the company noted that during the inspection the investigators of the security Service seized part of the property — on the basis of these complaints, SBU was ordered to return such property to the company, and that was done.

The decision of the Prosecutor General to close the production in the group think is fair.

“We work in a transparent manner, according to the current Ukrainian and European legislation, and our company has more than 15 years, the annual international audit. Therefore, the decision of the General Prosecutor’s office about closing of criminal proceedings believe is fair,” — said the President of the company Vitaliy Antonov.

About the scandal

August 21, SBU carried out searches in the Lviv and Kyiv offices of “concern Galnaftogaz”. The press service of the SBU reported that it was connected with the financing of the occupation “government” — allegedly the group retained control over the activities of the network stations in the occupied Crimea and the Donbas and manage their business activities, and these gas stations were paying “taxes” to the occupants.

In the case of Crimea, the prosecution had a basis, as the company which leased the gas station (“Prime holdings” and “Tavrida-Petrolium”) registered under Russian law. But in the “Galnaftogaz” notes that to do otherwise was impossible. According to the company’s management, its 11 stations in the occupied Peninsula, they leased the labor collectives of these petrol stations that worked in the “Galnaftogaz” for over 10 years.

The head of the concern Vitaly Antonov said that, most likely, the action of the SBU was connected with competitors “OKKO”.

“What we less the more of them,” — said the head of the concern.

The scandal has responded and the Director of the EBRD in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus Francis Malige. He noted that the actions of the security forces harm the investment climate in Ukraine and urged the authorities to look into this situation methods which are accepted in international practice.


OKKO Group — national holding, the flagship of which is the network of “OKKO” (“Concern “Galnaftogaz”). The composition of the OKKO Group has more than 10 diversified businesses in manufacturing, trade, construction, insurance, service and other services.

Shareholders and institutional investors the company is the European Bank for reconstruction and development, Goldman, Horizon Capital, Renaissance Capital, Genesis AssetManagers, LLP.

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