How much buckwheat gathered in Ukraine to 2018

As of 30 October, the Ukrainian farmers have harvested 133 thousand tons of buckwheat from the area of 106 thousand ha (98%) with a yield of 12.6 t/ha. this was reported on the website of the Ministry of agriculture.

The expected production in 2018 will be 126-130 thousand tons, transient remnants of last year 56 thousand tons.

As noted by Deputy Director of the Department of agrarian policy and agriculture of the Ministry of agrarian policy Leonid Suhomlyn, domestic consumption in Ukraine is 160 thousand tons. Although it is worth noting that the Ukrainians began to eat less of buckwheat. Over the last two years consumption of cereals in Ukraine fell by half.

We will remind, the sown area under buckwheat was reduced in 2018 compared to the previous year by 42.6% to 108 thousand hectares. it is Expected that in 2019, the crops will be reduced by half — up to 40-50 thousand hectares. This was due to the intervention of cheap buckwheat from Russia. The share of Russian grains on the Ukrainian market made up of about 45-50%.

In turn, the reduction of crops of buckwheat led to a decrease in the production of buckwheat honey. According to experts, in 2018 the export of honey from Ukraine will fall to 40%.

In this regard, the public Union “Ukrainian agrarian Council” called on the authorities to take measures to preserve its own production of buckwheat and protection of Ukrainian producers from the intervention cheap and poor quality cereals from Russia.

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