The defense Ministry received the first BTR-4 from new banasthali

“Kharkov design Bureau. Morozov” (KMDB), part “Ukroboronprom” gave the Ukrainian army the first seven BTR-4, made of new domestic steel. Spetsstal passed the control and reception at all stages of production, according to the website of the state Corporation.

“According to its characteristics this Spetsstal meets the highest international standards. Housing for the BTR-4 manufactured by Lozova forging-mechanical plant. On today in production are about 40 such buildings”, — reported in the state.

To fulfill the “Ukroboronprom” and lkmz tasks, in 2018, the established industrial cooperation for the production of bronekolpakov and further welding on the Kyiv armored plant, the Malyshev plant and KMDB on. Experts of these companies are now working on the Lozova forging-mechanical plant, gaining experience for the deployment of production buildings at its plants.

The Ukroboronprom added that lkmz KMDB in cooperation with scientific-research Institute of structural materials “Prometey” has established the manufacturing technology of buildings with special steel stamps “71”.

In addition, to attract young professionals on the application of lkmz in Lozova Lyceum recruited group of students for whom conduct workshops on the basis of lkmz.

Recall that in December 2017 completed testing new BTR-4МВ1, which became a feature of the modular approach in the construction of armor and exploding layers of armor.

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