Nike needs to destroy 1.5 million pairs of counterfeit sneakers in Ukraine

American manufacturer of sports clothes and shoes Nike Innovate CV appealed to the economic court of Odessa region with the claim to the Ukrainian company “Ergosphere” concerning termination of the infringement of intellectual property rights to marks for goods and services, including regarding the prohibition of using symbols Nike. This is reported by the media.

Information from the Unified state register of court decisions, the court made a decision about the opening of the relevant proceedings, on October 24.

According to the court, Nike appealed to prohibit the company “Ergosphere” drawing denote Nike products, storage of such products, offer products with printed trademark for sale, sale, import, re-export, the use of the mark in advertising, business documents and the Internet. Nike also asks to withdraw and destroy 1520 pairs of shoes imported “Ergosterol” from the Chinese company Wenzhou port land international trade Co., ltd.

A preparatory meeting in the case is scheduled for November 19.

As previously reported, in August 2018, Odessa customs has stopped the clearance of the party sneaker (4,4 thousand pairs) of the brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma. The products were fake. According to the decision of the court of batch of shoes worth over UAH 1 million was confiscated. And the entity is fined on 17 thousand UAH.

Earlier, Adidas and Nike, the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world, has accused the Ukrainian firm “Sekvoya” the sale of counterfeits under well-known brands.

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