DevoHome: hemp do not only hypoallergenic blankets, but fur coats

The first experience of entrepreneurship

Starting your business Oksana virgin, the founder of the brand DevoHome, says 2013. At that time she already had entrepreneurial experience. With her first husband and family of her sister in 2003-2007, they were engaged in the extraction of clay, then sold the business to the French. Then my sister’s husband put the money in the purchase of enterprise for the production of hemp (fibers of cannabis stalks that produce different way. — Ed.).

“In 2013, my sister and her husband offered again to do their own business. Understanding that my participation in the project will be a minority, I decided to create my own hemp business, — says Oksana Devo. I also prefer to insure risks. If it had not happened with DevoHome, I had a backup plan — organization of events for children.”

But DevoHome everything turned out. The first collection of the brand

The first investment in the business amounted to about $10 thousand Hemp Oksana received from the factory of the husband’s sister. For the production of her netchange (non-woven filler made of carded hemp stalks. — Ed.) found contractor — plant in the Sumy region. The money also went to purchase the cotton and linen fabrics to cover netinka.

In promotion of the project helped friends who have created a page in Facebook and I wrote a simple website on wix.

The first collections of home textiles is a collection for sleeping and baby blankets and quilts. Indeed, one of the main unique characteristics of products DevoHome — hypoallergenic.

“In addition, hemp and more wear-resistant material, almost indestructible, — adds Oksana. — Coming up with models, focused on Western style. In this style the products are sold, for example, in the IKEA network. The ideas assembled in Germany, where lived for some time with the family.”

Fabric bought imported, for example, Dutch cotton, as Ukrainian counterparts just not. According to Oksana, Ukrainian producers of her disappointment: “Or cloth poorly dyed, or drawing — some pale flowers is a vestige scoop.”

Ukrainian tried satin, but he pushed and the buyer returns the product. So I decided not to experiment. Ukrainian fabric used for mattress covers.

Tailoring products given to outsourcing: found a contractor who are 100% happy to this day. Office and warehouse at the initial stage, the businesswoman was placed in his private home. And the team at the start there was one staff member — Maxim Wohin. “He and the designer, and photographer, in a word, multi-tasking employee” — says Oksana.

Video: Diana Kolodyazhnaya Monetization

After sewing the first collection and definition of the target audience (people with incomes above the average) before the owner of the brand was a question of marketing. “By a happy coincidence in the spring of 2013 in the Botanical garden hosted the festival of Ukrainian manufacturers. Ordered the stand was very worried, but as it turned out, in vain. Our product is dispersed with a Bang. Sold textiles for 15 thousand UAH”, — says Oksana.

Now the brand has showroom, office and warehouse, but with a full store is not formed.

“In 2016, we participated in the competition of Cum with a further opportunity to sell their products on preferential terms. Won in the category “the goods for the house and toys”. We were offered to sign a trade Treaty in the store through Julia Selehovoj U-Dress. We signed a contract with them, which would put the goods on sale twice a month. For its part U-Dress gave us reports on the sales and had to transfer money for the goods sold. But the money was transferred only once, after which the payments stopped,” — says Oksana about the negative experience of cooperation.

Trustworthy and reliable with whom to cooperate and now calls the Natur Boutique (organic products), “Socket”, Pavilion Flamant, GoodWine. Hemp difficulties

Hemp for the production of filler grown in the Poltava region, then it is hemp, which is given to contractors to do netinka — this is no problem, but to find a manufacturer of hemp fabric hemp in Ukraine practically impossible, so outsourcing to Poland, Germany and the Netherlands.

What is sustainability in business decisions?

Products do not cause allergies, absorbs moisture, breathable and keep warm. Due to these characteristics, home textiles is a unique product that cares about the health of consumers, moreover, are not harmful to the nature as it is biodegradable.

“We do not hide that to on a regular basis with consistent quality all natural fabrics from season to season impossible. You can add synthetics, and then the problems will be (as the Chinese do), but it is not our way. We stand for naturalness,” — adds Oksana. Shoe experiment

For a long time the company has toyed with the idea of the production of hemp shoes. Got to trade mark Caman, agreed to meet. Oksana was a doubt whether she be interested in to make 100 pairs of shoes a company that produces thousands of couples, but everything went well.

For a month I developed the design, made the sole, sewed the first batch of sneakers. Tested the new product on himself when he went to rest in Egypt. After put new products on sale — the results exceeded expectations. All sold out, only a few pairs. Fur from hemp

Another long-standing idea Oksana Devo was the creation of hemp fur. After several years of trial and error they all turned out. On a proposal to create from hemp fur coats responded the famous Ukrainian designer Fedor Vozianov. With the support of his Studio, in partnership with Lida Zakharchenko dumped a small batch, which by the end of the winter season shattered. Read about the winners of the contest BECAME and vote for the best on page ranking

Developing a line of outerwear, launched a line of hemp jackets. According to Oksana, they made a splash: “Products turned warm as down, and inside a breathable hemp filler”. Expanding the boundaries

Like many Ukrainian producers, especially in acceptance, brand DevoHome eyeing the foreign market. The company has two different sites: one focused on the Ukrainian audience, the other foreign.

And if the Ukrainian buyers of, say, the mattress pad costs about 1 thousand UAH (equivalent to a double mark-up from cost), the foreign three times more expensive.

And the same mattress made of hemp and ECOGLOBE, according to Oksana, is in the EU, around 300 euros. “If you put cheaper, buyers will issues arise,” she explains. The company has many orders from the UK, the Netherlands and other European countries and also the USA.

In addition to their own website sell products on Etsy — an international trading platform that specializiruetsya by selling handmade products, vintage things.

The company plans to improve the quality of remaining ekobrend products from natural materials without the addition of synthetics. And more actively enter the foreign markets.


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