What should be the ideal chat bot for Facebook

The head of the Corporation for creating chat bots MobileMonkey Larry Kim is sure that today’s chat-bots is the best tool for promotion on Facebook. According to him, the chat bots Facebook Messenger provide 80% better engagement than other channels (e.g., mass mailing or message in Facebook). Moreover, the chat bots allow you to collect valuable contact information and generate a list of potential customers.

If you are ready to begin work with chat-bots app Facebook Messenger, here are 8 characteristics that must be in your bot.

Chat-bots have to use natural language

Chat-bot, which sounds like a robot is bad. Even when users know they are interacting with a bot, they don’t want to feel that they interact with rotobot.

Good bots using natural language, smiles and maybe even a GIF image. They have empathy: if the user has the problem, the chat-bot can detect it and “tell” a very human “I’m sorry!”. Chat bots need to be emotionally literate

Not enough to make your chat bot to answer frequently asked questions — it also needs to be emotionally literate.

Emotionally competent chat-bot can sense the mood of the user and react accordingly, and know when to automatically send chat to agent to provide live support. Chat bots must be smart and able to analyze

Intelligent chat-bots can keep the conversation going.

They can predict what you may need then (based on previous conversation).

In addition, the chat-bot should be able to answer in several languages. Chat bots must be user-friendly

No matter what is a chat bot, it always needs to first think about users.

The chat-bot should be able to anticipate user needs and follow-up questions, and effectively offer them solutions even before they asked.

Chat bots Facebook Messenger should also be equipped with a function to offer multiple answers that users can easily select at the touch (they don’t even need to print the answer!). Chat-bots have to have the subscription feature

App Facebook Messenger now allows you to get the message about the subscription (another reason why this platform should be integrated into your marketing mix).

Message subscription allows you to send regular content via the app Facebook Messenger, if a user subscribed to the list.

Your chat bot must be able to periodically schedule these messages.

The user must also have the ability to easily unsubscribe if he/she don’t want to receive these messages. Chat bots must have the skills of broadcast

Chat bot Facebook Messenger is much more than a tool for questions and answers.

One of the (many) advantages of chat-bot is its ability to broadcast a message to your audience (with indication of opening letters up to 80% for the first 60 minutes!).

Choosing software for your chat bot, looking for a tool that will allow you to do a mass mailing. Chat bots must be willing to work with CRM

The use of chat-bots is a great way to simplify the system of customer relationship management (CRM).

The introduction of chat-bots will free up time, since the chat-bot is able to effectively handle multiple incoming requests.

Also, find a software chat-bot, which will be associated with your current CRM, so they could handle actions in real time (e.g. routine changes the password of the client and other tasks of customer support). Chat-bots must comply with the GDPR

Chat-bots must comply with the GDPR, particularly if your business deals with foreign customers.

GDPR was implemented by the European Union in 2018 in order to protect customer data and privacy. Failure to comply with the GDPR entails large fines of up to 4% of the annual income of the company.

To your chat-bot correspond to the GDPR, make sure you use personal data only for stated purposes, and always give users access to their information.

Translated by the translation Bureau “Profpereklad”