Antidegradant: 7 the most acclaimed films of the year shows Kiev critics week

The audience of the festival “Kiseki week of criticism” is a rare opportunity to see some of the hottest films of famous Directors shown this year in the programmes of major international film festivals, and after the show to hear what people think about seen by professional critics.

The initiative group that formed the program, stayed on seven tapes. Each of the movies show twice – in the morning at 10.00 and in the evening at 19.30. The program of the festival

28 October (10.00 am and 19.30) — “the House that Jack built” by Lars von Trier

Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany

In wide distribution in Ukraine since December 6.

A psychological Thriller about the life of a serial killer and the events, after which he started to kill people. Starring — Matt Dillon, Riley Kio, Uma Thurman, and Bruno Ganz.

29 October (10.00 am and 19.30) — “Ashes” — the pure white” Jia zhangke

China, France, Japan

Saga is the best Chinese Director about the mafia Binet and his fighting friend Cao. When competitors attack her lover, Cao is taken for the gun, which subsequently goes to prison. After serving five years, she is released, but as it turns out, her boyfriend’s a bandit it will not wait.

30 Oct (10.00 and 19.30) — “Insects” Jan Svankmajer

The Czech Republic, Slovakia

With the success shown at the Rotterdam film festival. The main character playing in the play beetle beetle, stalking invisible to the rest of the dung ball. This film, according to 83-year-old filmmaker Jan Svankmajer, the great Czech surrealist, is the last in his career.

31 October (10.00 am and 19.30) — “Mandy” Panos of Comatose

Belgium, USA

Trash-epic of the lumberjack who takes revenge on the biker cultists for killing his wife with Nicolas cage in the lead role, there is a duel chainsaws.


1 November (10.00 and 19.30) — “Diamantino” Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt

Portugal, France, Brazil

The winner of the program “Week of criticism” at the Cannes film festival. In the center of the plot — the Portuguese football star Diamantino. After unsuccessful world Cup life Diamantina goes awry — sisters want to sell it for cloning, the country’s come from the European Union, and adopted a refugee is not who he is.

After each show there was held the discussion, which is one of the film critics: Daria Badger, Stanislav bitski, Hope Zavarov, Aleksandr Gusev, Jaroslav Podhora-Gwiazdowski, Sergei Ksaveriv and Natalya Serebryakova.  “Bergman 100”

The cinephiles have the rare opportunity to see on the big screen iconic films of Ingmar Bergman. Of show in the “Bergman 100” in honor of the centenary of the birth of Director.

All bergmanesque sessions – day 28 October (16.30) — “the Seventh seal”. 1957 29 October (16.30) — “Person”. 1966 “the hour of the wolf”. 1968 October 30 (16.30) — “hour of the wolf”. 1968 31 October (16.30) — “Sepoti and screams”. 1972 1 Nov (15.30) — “Fanny and Alexander”. 1982  Ukrainian retrospective

Another retrospective — 5 iconic films created by Ukrainian Directors. The time of impressions – day. “Asthenic syndrome” by Kira Muratova — October 28 at 13.30, The “conscience” of Vladimir Denisenko — Oct 29 Q13.00 “Stone cross” Leonid Osyka — 30 October at 13: 00 “A friend of the deceased” Vyacheslav Krishtofovicha — 31 October at 13: 00 “Arsenal” by Alexander Dovzhenko — 1 November at 13.00  Discussion

There will be a meeting-debate: “Critics vs film: the specificity of the interaction” (28 October, 14.00), “Experimental cinema in Ukraine — choice or destiny?” (30 October, 14.00, “Rethinking the Soviet artistic heritage: the avant-garde and propaganda”. Entrance for the discussion is free. Winners of the award “Kinokolo”

The festival awarded the best Ukrainian film prize of film critics of Ukraine “Kinokolo”, founded in this year.

At Berea Ukrainian film critics best film of 2018 is “Donbass” Sergei Loznitsa. And Sergei Loznitsa — best Director.

Best actor — Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, “Cyborgs. Heroes do not die”.

Best actress — Irma Vitovskaya, “Brahma”.

Best documentary – “the Delta” directed by Alexander Techinsky.

Best short fiction film – “Lifter” directed by Dmitry Suholitky-Sobchaka.

Discovery of the year – “When a tree falls” Director Marysia nikitiuk.

The organizer of festival — the company “Arthouse Traffic” with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie and the Ukrainian cultural Fund.

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