What rights do passengers on the train

At the end of September, “Ukrzaliznytsia” has launched a train “four capitals” on the route Kiev—Minsk—Vilnius—Riga. The portal delo.ua went to the first flight in the company of the chief of Department of passenger transportations of distant following “uz” Alexander Krasnoshtan.

During the whole trip Krasnoshtan patiently answered reporters ‘ questions. We publish the key answers that will be useful for passengers, namely, why the wires are awake passengers per hour to the point of arrival, and some cases, the passenger has the right to change the bed inventory and see if the trains Smoking cars.

Why awaken the conductors?

Conductors are required to Wake a passenger for an hour or thirty minutes before arrival at his station. This is due to the convenience of the passenger. For example, if the second-class carriage, it 52 seats. These 52 people need to go to the restroom and freshen up after sleep.

In any case, you can negotiate with the conductor and ask him to Wake up for 7-10 minutes before shutting down.

The conductor has the right to force collect the bedding?

Definitely not, the Explorer has no such right. This is a flagrant violation.

A passenger buying a ticket with linen, has the right to use it until the end of the trip.

Why conductors are asked to donate a bed? It’s simple: they — financially responsible person.

The fact that linen (and not only) often steal, and pays for the stolen unit guide.

Often stolen items are towels and pillow cases, the conductor has the right to check personal belongings of the passenger, even if suspected missing. By the way, from one train stealing approximately 1-2 sets of bed linen.

When passengers need to be mandatory to follow the instructions of the guide?

In international traffic at the border control, the passenger must follow the directions of the conductor.

Also in emergency situations.

If the Laundry got wet or dirty?

The duty of the conductor to change that flat. In General, if a set of bed something’s not right, there’s a hole or it is damaged, the passenger needs to change.

Conductors have spare sets of sheets about 15% of the total number in reserve.

Free for the passenger is on the train?

Hot water for free.

The toilet must be soap and toilet paper. The supply conductors are such materials in sufficient quantity is necessary.

Is the car Smoking?

Of the smoker and never will be. The law prohibits Smoking in public places, and the train is equivalent to a public place.

Also prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages is allowed only in the dining car. But really the guides understand, and to look constantly in the coupe will not. They often ask tourists to be quiet.

The conductor has the right not to admit a train passenger, if…

Conductor is entitled to refuse you boarding the train, if the passenger is in strong alcoholic intoxication.

If a passenger violates the public order.

If the passenger is obviously ill.

It should be noted that the conductor has no right to plant yourself passenger. This must be done by the police or other law enforcement agencies. If the passenger had refused to pay the penalty for the offense, then it can withdraw from the train.

What if the passenger in the train without a ticket?

Fare evasion is a misdemeanor and the penalty for it is paid tenfold the cost of the ticket. But. For example, on the train Kiev-Vinnitsa minimum ticket price is 200 UAH. If a passenger “caught” on ticketless travel, the amount of the penalty — 2 thousand UAH. None of the money will not pay. In such cases, the passenger was disembarked at the nearest station.

In fact, stowaway — corrupt who knowingly makes a deal with his conscience. Free riders need to be planted — people have to understand that if the passenger pays money not using cash, then it is not protected.

If space is available, the handler may write a ticket on the spot?

Theoretically — Yes, this service is. For this passenger to write out a receipt do 57, which is made travel.

But what is the question? The guides had abused it. They are gaining stowaways, and in the case of the audit massively prescribe such receipts. Therefore, ULTRASOUND has complicated the process of issuing such receipts — it is issued with the concurrence of chief depot of the formation of the trains in exceptional cases. This is not common practice.

What to do if you got a car with frozen Windows?

Now these cars are almost there. From 15 September to 15 October preparing for winter. All passenger cars are prepared for winter — they are insulated, Windows are washed, the cracks are also eliminated, the cars are warmed to avoid snow in them.

The recommended temperature that must be in the car in winter from 18 to 26 degrees (according to the sanitary standards). In summer, the cars equipped with air conditioning, the same rule, but in cars without air conditioning system of rules. Because to ensure that this temperature is simply no opportunity.

Is there a penalty for using the emergency brake?

Of course. Unauthorized unnecessarily train stop the stop-cock is punished with a fine up to 50 tax-free minimum incomes, or correctional labor for up to 2 years, or with arrest for the term up to 6 months, or restraint of liberty for a term up to 3 years. If the use of the stop-cock led to the deaths of people, you can deprive of freedom for a period from 5 to 10 years.

To use the emergency brake — this increase the risk for other incidents.

In high-speed trains Hyundai no stop-cocks as such, there is his priest. If it is turning, then the signal goes to the driver who decides to stop the trains and how to slow down.

System on passenger trains is very complex, they completely block the work of the train and whatever the driver, the train doesn’t budge, if you do not return the lever stop-cock to its original position.

Dear reader, please note that this material does not describe all the rights of a passenger on the train, but only the most interesting.

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