When paying in cash, buyers are given “left” cheque — service “Search receipt”

E-service “Search receipt” established cases of non-compliance issued to consumers checks than with electronic copies sent to the State fiscal service.

“During testing of the service is established incidents of non-compliance received by the consumers of the settlement documents in the implementation of cash payments to electronic copies of settlement documents submitted to the relevant RRO GFS”, — stated in the message service.

It is also reported that the bodies of the SFS organized inspection to clarify the causes of this discrepancy.

The state fiscal service asking consumers in case of lack or inconsistency of details of checks on the server SFS design document to send them a written request on these matters with copies of obtained documents.

In addition, in the case of receiving a fiscal receipt which is in doubt, buyers can also send GFS an email with a photo of the check. For searching and browsing the fiscal cash receipt, you must enter the fiscal number of RRO, and the date and time of the issuance of the check, explain in the office.

Recall, September 25, the SFS has launched a test version of the electronic receipt and verification of cheques in the electronic office. Fiscal this gives you the ability to track the passage of goods from the border to the consumer. The buyer may in the open part of the electronic office to verify the check, which he received from the seller in any point of Ukraine.

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