Siemens has received a multi-billion dollar contract in Iraq

The German company Siemens in the fight for multi-billion dollar contract in Iraq ahead of U.S. competitor General Electric. Sunday, October 21, representatives of Siemens and the Ministry of electricity of Iraq signed a Declaration of intent regarding the expansion of Iraqi power, said the government in Baghdad and the Munich group.

It is about expanding capacity to 11 gigawatts over the next four years. According to Siemens, this corresponds to roughly half of current generating capacity in Iraq.

The conclusion of the transaction until the last moment hung in the balance. The US President Donald trump has had on the Iraqi government’s political pressure to force Baghdad to give the contract to General Electric.

However, Siemens, in addition to extension of mains, promised Iraq the aid in the fight against corruption, the creation of new jobs and the construction of new schools and hospitals. These are key elements in building a new Iraq, said the head of Siemens, Joe KAESER (Joe Kaeser).

We will remind, earlier it was reported that OKkopacina the Crimean authorities hide an accident with a Siemens turbine – Minot

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