Much does it cost to open a veterinary clinic

Ukrainian veterinary market began to develop in the mid-90s, years before the pet treatment worked mostly veterinarians in agriculture.

The market of veterinary services can be roughly segmented into three types: service call specialists at home (whose work ranges from emergency care for your pet to recommending the best carpet cleaner for allergies), veterinary clinics and full clinics. Call service specialist at home often do not even have an office and mainly provide services for vaccination of puppies. Now in Ukraine issued more than 2 thousand licenses for veterinary practice. More than half of licenses issued accounts on a single wettability and the other half at the clinic.

Basically the market working greatly specialized clinics, but there are a few highly specialized, dealing only certain breeds of dogs or cats.Among the most popular services in private veterinary clinics, you can allocate the examination, vaccinations, sterilization, sanitation perianalny glands and uncomplicated surgical intervention. The average bill for veterinary services is difficult to calculate, as the cost of services is quite extensive: the initial examination starts from 50 UAH, and the simplest operation — from 400 UAH. Animal lovers

In Ukraine average of one pet per family of four. The population as of the end of August 2018 was $ 42.25 mln million, which means that in Ukraine there are over 10 million Pets. In addition, Ukraine took ninth place in the ranking of the countries which contain the most domestic cats. The number of these Pets in the country is 7.5 million of the Cost of veterinary service per animal per year on average is about 2-2,5 thousand UAH. Thus, the potential volume of the market of veterinary services of Ukraine can be estimated at 20-25 billion UAH.

According to recommendations of experts of the company Pro-Consulting, at the opening of the veterinary clinic should focus on new residential complexes and arrays, where there are no competitors. The total area should be around 80-100 sq. m. the Entrance to the room needs to be separate.

Preferred room with large Windows along the front of the building. In the clinic it is necessary to provide a small hall, a separate room for therapeutic and surgical admissions, operating room, room for all kinds of biochemical tests and a room to house diagnostic equipment. You should also consider to 3-4 worker, warehouse area of not less than 10 sq. m.To complete the work of the clinic will need a standard clinical equipment (operating and examination tables, lamps, surgical instrument sets, laser therapy system, anesthesia machine, autoclaves, laryngoscope, an aspirator, a gas analyzer, stands for instruments, etc.). In addition, a significant portion of the equipment costs are costs for the purchase of diagnostic equipment. It comprises x-ray machine, ultrasound, ECG, gastroscopy, veterinary endoscope, flexible. The main investment is the equipment

The total cost of the project for the opening of the clinic with an area of 100 sq. m will be approximately $165 thousand. the Greatest volume of investments in the project will be used to purchase equipment for 61.4 % of all investment. On working capital (coverage of costs and sustainability) should 4,7 % of all required investments. The cost of purchasing vehicles amount to 9.1 % of all required investments. Costs for design work and renovation of the premises is 19.6 %.

The structure of investments

Basic veterinary services: Disease prevention (inspection); Diagnosis of diseases (laboratory equipment, x-ray, ultrasound and ECG); Disease treatment (surgery, therapy, ophthalmology, dentistry).

Optimally work with the following animals: dogs; cats; rodents; birds; reptiles; other Pets.

It should be remembered that the majority of customers is not in the clinic, and the doctor. Therefore, the staff of veterinary clinics, particular attention should be paid to the staff. For the planned clinic will require four doctors with experience and six years (assistants).

Work schedule the planned veterinary facility: opening at 7 a.m. with the expectation that people will bring sick Pets and close at 23.00. Peak customer usually falls on a weekday evening and on Saturday and Sunday. Doctors will be offered a floating schedule so that during peak hours in the clinic was two doctors. The clinic also required the administrator, the accountant and the cleaner.

The maximum number of visitors — 10 people per 1 doctor per day. With an average load of clinics 60%, the total attendance will amount to more than 8.5 million patients a year. In General, for 1 year work veterinary clinics revenues can reach $250-300 thousand revenue Structure is as follows: the largest revenue — 26,0 % will be obtained from surgical assistance. Next largest share of revenues should be diagnosis is 12.8 %. Also a significant proportion of revenues revenue is the payment for ultrasound — 12,4 %, x-ray examination to 7.1%, vaccination of animal — by 6.4%, eye care services — 6.4% of the total revenue of the company.

Operating expenses veterinary clinic

Profitability of sales of the veterinary clinic is about 32%. This suggests that every dollar of income the vets will bring the company $ 0,32 net profit.

The discounted payback period is 19-20 months. This means that slightly more than half of the year the entire project will pay off taking into account the factor of discount.