Mall Blockbuster mall: how it will be after the opening

1 December in Kyiv will open the SEC Blockbuster mall, which will be the largest shopping centre in the capital. The consulting company NAI Ukraine, which manages the facility, told in more detail about what will be new Mall.

Location: the Object will be placed in Obolon district of the capital, the prospect of Stepan Bandera, a short distance from the entertainment center.

Format and size: , the New Mall will be launched in retail format resort. “This format suggests that the visitor can satisfy all requirements: from shopping to entertainment with family or friends. Today is a bright representative of the retail resort is a shopping Mall, Lavina Mall, which opened in Kyiv in 2016”, — stated in the message of a consulting company.

After the opening of the Mall will not only be the largest in Ukraine shopping and entertainment center, but also the largest property in the country. Its total area is 450 thousand square meters.

Advantages: the Main advantage of the new shopping center developers see its location. In particular, Lavina Mall it is located much closer to the center (5 km from downtown) that will provide a steady stream of visitors not only on weekends but also on weekdays. And this, in turn, “guarantees all its member retailers, super-efficient business.” Therefore, Blockbuster mall managers expect a high turnover day.

In addition, it is expected that the high attendance of the future shopping center will provide the factor that is now actively began to be built around. In particular, soon the first houses will be commissioned on the Rybalsky Peninsula (LCD Rybalsky). In addition, it is expected that in the near future will begin to be built and the former industrial area of Petrovka and hem.

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That will offer visitors: the Anchor tenant, Blockbuster mall will be the flagship “Silpo”. Developers promise that this will be the biggest hypermarket of the network “in a brand new format that focuses on the middle class”. Its area is 9 thousand square meters.

All presented in Ukraine, the fashion group also confirmed their participation and go full volume. The new Mall will be submitted to premium brands, fast fashion, affordable fashion, and also the Ukrainian brands, children’s fashion, sporting goods, digital and more.

Record high expected and the food court, it is expected that it will house 40 restaurants.

Transport infrastructure:

Since the Mall is located at the intersection of large transport flows, developer, in addition to the construction of the Khan Shatyr, is investing in infrastructure development. The expected result of three infrastructure improvements in the area. In particular, it will be built-in to the main street, convenient for the residents of the Obolon and center. In addition, build another driveway from the street Electricians that will solve the problem of traffic jams for vehicles heading to Blockbuster mall. Another project is the construction of a bridge over the road for those visitors to the Mall who will get to it by public transport.